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I refuse to read this because it's written by You-Know-Who... doesn't that reference explain everything?

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Steven Really? This was written by Lord Voldemort? That's definitely something that would pique my interest. The Host gets you into the head of two characters. The character development and plot, as others have mentioned, do move slowly at first. I picked up and put down the book several times waiting for it to really "get going." Once it picked up, though, it _really_ picked up and was hard to put back down. I found that these characters were NOT two-dimensional, and all supporting roles were specific, poignant, and unique from one another. I reread it a few times.
Carrie Funny, I refuse to read Twilight, but love this one. I've read it 3 times.
Alleenah_ali I read The Host so manny times,I lost count.I love this book and I'll never get bored with it. It takes a while for things to get started,but once they do you'll be hooked. It 's different than any other book I've read so far.If you decide to read it ,let us know what you think of it. I really want to know.
Lydia I threw Twilight against the wall after three pages, but I got hooked by the storytelling in The Host. I thought it was pretty good and definitely enjoyed it, though I object to kick-ass female characters suddenly going all wobbly as soon as a man is around to take care of them. The story is great though, and the two main characters are very likeable.
Outlanderfan Really wow stupidity knows no bounds
Cheryl Then you are missing out on a really good book.
M.L. Sparrow I totally understand what you mean. I was a little reluctant to read it at first, but once I did I loved it. It takes a while to get going, but once you get into it you find yourself hooked. I'd recommend giving it a chance!
Selene Kallan Lord Voldemort wrote The Host!!!? Man, Harry is gonna gave him hell when he founds out.
Now seriously, The Host is a great book, I've read it twice.
Themo I had the same feeling because I hated Twilight so much... but a month ago my classmate told me that I had to read it and it's not like Twilight , after reading it I regret not reading it sooner... amazing novel and far beyond amazing...
Annie Bookworm I guess it all comes down to personal preference. The Twilight Saga critics all have valid opinions, to be honest, I agree with most of their opinions, but it doesn't stop me from still enjoying the Twilight Saga in my own way. I really enjoy Stephanie's style of writing and therefore enjoyed the Host too. The Host was slow paced at first, but once I read a few chapters, I fell in love with the book and couldn't put it down. I loved how you can clearly distinguish between the two characters of Wanda and Melanie. Definitely worth giving a chance.
Anne Honestly I acutally like the Host a whole lot better than the Twilight books. Give it a chance?
James M Chapman Jr Lord Voldemort was an author?
gwen I love Twilight and The Host. How can you imply that Stephenie Meyer is bad in any way?
Lacie i love your harry potter referance but i only read the twilight saga because twilight fans and harry potter fans are supposed to not like each other but i am in love with them both and the host is amazing. they are litteraly sitting next to each other{is that a crime}. SORRY FOR THE SPELLING
Amy Gooding she loves to put pedophiles in her books! I absolutely refuse to read them or to let my kids read them!
Talitha That's messed up *smh*
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Jessica Chester I held out for a long time on reading this for that reason, but honestly, it's well written and engaging. Not the best book I've ever read, but should be on any YA reading list because it is completely different from any book I've ever read before, and delves in universal questions -- what is a soul? what makes us unique as humans? what is love?
Kate Olivia This is actually a good book. I'm 6 years too late, but hope you'd give it a read. And Twilight was set for a specific demographic. This one might as well have been written by another author.
Taylor Don't base a book off the author, just because Twilight wasn't great, doesn't mean the host is bad tool. Give the author a chance to redeem herself.
Oleg I understand your reluctance. Yet this book is very captivating and very thoroughly written, and also some years after the vampire series. It really shows how much the author has matured, and I would suggest it be judged on its own, rather than author's past writing.
Lyra Woah, Lord Voldemort is an author?!? This explains everything....
Shivantika yeah, not a twilight fan either, but don't judge the book by its author! and are you talking about Voldemort or something? :)
Audrey Not really. Twilight was ridiculous. The Host was readable.
Andrea Jimenez Twilight saga is terrible, but this book is totally different, really enjoyable
the hundred-eyed human This time, you-know-who, completely changed herself. I too didn't like the arrogant Bella! But this? This is definitely worth a read.
Kenzi Staley Most people who didn't like her other books really loved The Host.
Anna Don't read it. It has an incredible lot of plotholes and mindnumbing characters. The few interesting topics she brings up are left unexplained or solved in a very disappointing manner.
Kate Foley Don't ignore this book just because of the author. Sure, the writing's not the best, but the storytelling and the characters make up for it. :) I couldn't get past the Amazon sample for Twilight, but I absolutely LOVE this book. I ate it up in two days.
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