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Sabra Elyse asked:

Holy Smokes! I finally found my favorite book (and author) TD!! Please let me know if anyone feels the same and has other like suggestions? :-)

Nathalie Gagnon He's the best. I enjoy philosophy amd psychology and this guy is a genious... If this is now your favourite then read everything he wrote...
He might even surprise you some more :). I really liked Slowness, Ignorance and The Book of Laughter and Forgetting.
Virgil Gheorghiu wrote a book called La Vingt-Cinquième Heure (The 25th Hour?) which is also pretty close... You might like it.
Glenna Lee I definitely feel this way! I wish I had read this book so much sooner. It is beautiful and so full of rich metaphors and unapologetic in their use. And most importantly, as someone who struggles often to resolve existential angst, it is really insightful in regards to the issues which cause this.
Martha Rose you will like JM Coetzee - read Disgrace!
Ankit If you liked this, the you will definitely like "The Joke".
Give it a try.
Sohana Nasrin Sabra, I feel the same way. Here are some recommendations for you:

- The book of laughter and forgetting by MK
- The laughable laughs by MK
- Life is elsewhere by MK
- Disgrace by J M Coetzee
- The childhood of Jesus by Coetzee
- Elizabeth Costello by Coetzee
- Invisible by Paul Auster
Minerva Yup, just finished it and found that is my favourite! :)
Stephen I feel the same! I have read "Book of Laughter and Forgetting" by Kundera about 10 years ago and was blown away; he writes like I think - am reading Unbearable ... now
Sulagna Ghosh This book changed my life!
Joseph Spinale One of the greatest authors ever. His insight on the human condition is bold and rings true
Milan Kovačič Well other books from him, and for me Hesse is really strong reading experience as well ;)
Reza I just finished it for the second time.
First was a translated to Persian (and censored!)
And this time the unabridged english version (Audiobook).
I love Kundera's books. They are more than just a novel.
Likewise is Bohumil Hrabal's books specially "Too Loud a Solitude"
Also found Louis Ferdinand Céline's "Journey to the End of the Night" very interesting.
Last suggestion: Niebla by Miguel de Unamuno
Howard Immortality is my favorite Kundera - try How To Outgrow... by Kenzaburo Oe, Conversions by Harry Mathews, Summer Book by Tove Janssen, Basquiat's Notebooks, Wilson by David Mamet and any small press poetry of Bukowski or Blaise Cendrars
Mar John I have had goosebumps for the most part while I was reading this book...nothing has touched me this's fascinating talent of Kundera
Stefan Batros "Slowness" and "Book of Laughter and Forgettin" from MK


"Austerlitz" by W.G. Sebald gave me a similiar feeling to this book.
Mardare Bristena I definitely agree with Ankit Shah. :)
Maureen Spengel I agree with the other readers who suggest Coetzee. Coetzee and Kundera have a similar writing style. Coetzee often writes with a concise, searing and terse intensity, whereas Kundera writes more lyrical, whimsically transparent prose. Both are remarkable writers.
Brooke Logterman That is exactly how I felt after reading this book over 10 years ago! I really liked Slowness and Ignorance.
Ambar Paula It´s so hard for me to have favorite things, especially books. In this case, I haven´t finished it yet and I´m pretty sure it may become my favorite, too.
Regine Blanco Same! This is now my all-time fave.
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