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Does this book contain swearing and/or sexual content? Because if it doesn't, it sounds like my kind of book; and I'm really hoping it is!!!

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Maris Bave Only a little swearing, but there is some very odd sexual content. At times the author seems very shy of anything sexual, like an extremely awkward conversation between a girl and some men about her period. There is an attempted rape, but I believe the other answer that says "it is not graphic" is very true. At other times, talking of sexual abuse seems to be normal and the characters are unabashed about it. It's a little weird, but to answer your original question, there is both swearing and sexual content although not graphic and the swearing is rare and much lighter than other books.
Melliott There is an attempted rape, but it's not graphic at all--only a short struggle and an allusion afterwards. The language is appropriate to the book, which is to say that any swearing that takes place is set in that world-view and therefore not the use of contemporary swear words. This is not the best fantasy I have ever read, but the two sequels are AMAZING, so try it and if you like it, be sure to pick up the rest.
Elyse I know this question is old but yes, the sex scenes were SO WEIRD and out of place! I felt uncomfortable! It read like a middle grade novel and then boom sex. AWKWARD. Finnikin with a whore, Lord August and Lady Abian having sex while the Guard can hear and the Guard commenting on it. Ewww. Plus the attempted rape others spoke of.
Carrie Cannon There are quite a few sexual innuendos, a lot of talk about rape and other "unthinkable" atrocities that happen in war and prison. Despite not being described in detail rape both of girls, women and men was a reoccurring theme in the book. I would not give the book to anyone under the age of 18, and as a writer and a parent of teens I do not think the book should be considered a young adult book. The main character talks about "thrusting" his romantic interest. Two male main characters visit prostitutes with no remorse about what they did, yet they are horrified when other men take sexual liberties with the females from their clans, which made no sense to me and seemed hypocritical.
Emma_the_bookworm There is some sexual content in the book, but there are no "modern" swears (for example, a swear you would come across would be "Sagrami" or "Lagrami", because those are goddesses that the characters worship).
The sexual topics that are covered are a brief rape attempt, and mentions of sexual abuse, prostitution and sex. However, all of these scenes were very brief, and not overly graphic. I wouldn't consider this book "dirty", but there are some mature topics covered. As a 14 year old, I did not find the sexual content overpowering, and it didn't take away from the story itself. I hope this helps! :)
Wayne Sims You'd much prefer Kushiel's Dart, I'm sure.
Kevin Bourrillion There is a fair amount of "moderately graphic" sexual content.
Sage Flinn That's exactly the question I was gonna ask, but the answers you got were conflicting with each other. One said that there was swearing in a different language and only a short rape struggle, another said that there is a lot of swearing and sexual content, and yet another said that there is only a little of both. WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH?????? I want to know if this book is clean enough to read, 'cause I don't want o start it, then have to give it up 'cause it's dirty, and then spend the rest of my life wondering what happens at the end. Can someone PLEASE give a more explanatory answer?????
With all due respect,
S. L. Flinn pen name of Naomi Brazil
Catherine Yep. Lots of both.
Avaminn F'nett A little bit, but not too much.
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