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Did Robbie ever feel bad for ripping the Band off ,did he ever help them out ,I really dig Robbie til I read this story?

Sutter Lee I just finished reading Robbie Robertson's "Testimony". Altho Levon is the one who always had my heart, Robbie claims he always shared writing credit with all members of The Band. Near the end, everyone except Levon said they wanted to sell Robbie their writing credit rights (according to Robbie), and Levon was still waffling, altho, again, according to Robbie, Levon was not a songwriter. I just ordered Levon's book. Robbie seems sincere in his love for Levon, his best friend.
Joan After reading both Testimony and Wheels on Fire, I was completely blown away. Levon and Robbie sure had two different take on things. I do wish that they came to peace, but according to residents of Woodstock that was not the case. They adore Levon in that town.
I love The Band’s music and was so sad to read of the individual demons that haunted them.
David The evidence suggests while Robbie thought an awful lot of himself, he did not rip the others off. Richard and Rick drank and drugged themselves right out of creativity, and Levon was never a songwriter to begin with (he only wrote one song on all his solo albums combined). What Levon argued was essentially that the others deserved writer's credit for the musical flourishes they added, or in his case for serving as Robbie's muse. That really isn't how songwriting works.
vid I wonder, really makes me have mixed feelings about the Last Waltz.
Sardinicus "Robbie ripped the rest of The Band off" is, at best, an oversimplification.

The Robbie vs. Levon saga is really the stuff of classic Tragedy -- both men had a reasonable set of gripes from their own sides, but rather than letting time (or the desire for a reunion paycheck) soften their differences they both let ego and stubbornness drive them to an irreconcilable place, and, in Levon's case at least, great bitterness.

If you watch the great documentary "Ain't In It For My Health" you can get a sense of how badly Levon's family and supporters would have liked to have helped him towards a reconciliation and how deep his resistance and resentment went.
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