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Okay be honest is this really worth reading ? I am tired of cliche books I can hardly find anything decent these days . Right now the decent book I'm reading is Sylvia Days crossfire series which I am enjoying but there are not much good books out there these days where I can get hooked to it , where as before I could not put the book down but now they are all cliche

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Bonne Bedingfield I've read all of those. This book has more depth and layers than those books, IMO. This one has stuck with me, even a year or so later.
Kirsty Halliwell If you liked fifty shades then this book isnt for you - if you cant connect to this book it's because you like to read shite like the FSOG trilogy... Sorry but this book is amazing, it isn't at all Cliche and it gets better every time you read it.
Kim No, this was not worth it to me (I've read some Sylvia Day, all Fifty Shades books). I was truly surprised given the amount of love GR reviews seem to have for the book. It was cliche, faux-intellectualism (male protagonist is a professor, so he does "professorial" things) posing as a romance novel. The romance is forced and feels a bit gross (wise, older man teaches young innocent woman how to open up to love again - dunno, didn't work even on a level equal to Fifty Shades).

If you like Sylvia Day, I would recommend Robin Schone (mostly historical romance/erotica) or Jeaniene Frost (if you're good with urban fantasy/romance, because vampires).
Sonya If you want a book where the hero is actually classy and and the heroine is educated, you should read it... really good book..
Aquariana Rose The writing of this book is even worse than fifty shades which should really tell you something, and the male love interest is even MORE creepy.
Sarah I feel like I have read all of the ex. " Crossfire series, and Fifty Shades series.." I am on the eighth chapter of this book and cannot connect to it at all. Its just not going anywhere seems poorly written even though there has been so much rave about this book, but eight chapters in and no spark of interest and I am on to the next...
Literatures Movies To be honest, I'm not sure. I have tried to read it 3 times, and I seem to not be able to go past book 1 for some reason. I don't know if it's the story or the characters, but idk. This book is just so weird, every time I read this book it is as if I have fallen down into a hole where time doesn't exist, and when I come out of the hole, I have no fucking clue what just happened or what I just read.

Even after re-reading the first book 3 times, if you ask me now what it is about, i would have no idea.
Cevrine If you want a book with hot sex scenes, let me just let you know , there are like NO sex scenes at all. I'm guessing after reading Fifty Shades of Grey and the Crossfire series the sex scenes were one of the highlights (I know it was for me). Don't get fooled by the cover.

It was quite repetitive, but a wonderful love story. Read it if you want your heart to be filled with beauty and innocence.
Fari This book is actually much much better then fsog . this is a real romance novel. This is an intense novel and the writing has a dream like quality. If u are a fan of romance and not porn in books than it is for u.
Fatsy842 No. It's a complete waste of time. Terrible terrible book!
Nicky Grant Totally worth the read. I found it INTENSE...which isn't the right word. It was more than that. I have read all the FSoG, Crossfire series, etc. This has tension throughout the book without letting up. Gabriel is on the top of my hot man list and for good reason. He is angry, troubled, rich, super intelligent (beyond that of Gideon Cross) and loves only his Julia. Please read if you have not had the chance.
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Heather Montgomery Seriously think I just wasted a lot of time reading these books they are okay but nowhere near Fifty Shades. I kept waiting and waiting still nothing felt connected and really hated how it kept switching. So if your looking for a Fifty Shades or Crossfire type book this is NOT it!
Kimberly Cutter Am late to the party on this, but Denise, I'd love to hear what some of your favorite romances are.... am looking for something I can't put down.
Rachel I love the Crossfire series and this book should never have been put in the same classing system as Sylvia Day. Don't bother reading it if you're looking for another Gideon, Gabriel is nothing like him.
Illa Good question! I been wondering the same. I have hear and read about the hype of this book, Lost of people love it. But every time I come to read the description It just doesn't caught my eye. I just say I will read it later.
I did read the FSOG trilogy and I did love it. Not because of the sex scenes but of the reasons why he had the preference he did. I also read The Crossfire Series and I am sorry but I just thought I was reading another copy of FSOG just different names and things happened differently.
I like How Grey had reason of why he was the way he was and the other Male leads I have read about they just prefer that type of sex.
I guess FSOG ruined any possible love for other books with that type of Genre.
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