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Belinda (TheBookBuddies)
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Nadja Herondale
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Grace R. Nico is Nico. He gets to be who wants to. I think this is such a brave and amazing choose from Rick. I feel like of all the stuff that Nico has went through it's like he has been going through his own personal war all this time. Rick showed the children and adults reading these stories that an awesome character like Nico isn't changed by his homosexuality. If anything it makes him more unique and amazing. Its so sad that your homophobia has changed your outlook on this beautiful series and amazing wonderful character.
C Owens Why exactly is that a problem? Why does this change your opinion of Nico, he's still the same person.
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Grace Hathaway How is that not ok? He writes the book not you... Can people not love who they want? Let me guess you are Christian. What? Don't like me making assumptions about you? It makes sense if you read the books. Plus love is love until people like you come and judge them. You're NOT the author are you? No. Deal with it
Jewlz Why do you automatically suppose that nico is gay? I personally think that what Rick Riordan meant by Nico having a "crush" on Percy was that Percy was like a childhood hero to Nico.
Francesca Margarita
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Potatocat Because YOLO. Got a problem? March to Rick's house and demand an answer.
naillig neerg-grebneerg no offence but this is kind of mean. this actually made the book more interesting to me and made his character better and more heart breaking. ifyou are homophobic please keep it to yourself.
Angela Because he did so.
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Ranee Babu I think it is to make it more interesting, and probably he wanted to add this as a twist. He probably wanted to expose kids as to what gay is.
Kaylee It is perfectly fine to be gay. I actually love that Rick decided to include a gay character in a book meant for kids because it allows for kids to make their own decisions and not be influenced by others around them. Also, it makes Solangelo possible, so I'm not arguing.
Tabby Musangali-Fernand Your homophobia is suffocating me. plz stop.
Ira Valdez
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Kady What's the problem with being gay? Why does that matter? It is simply his choice and he could choose who he wants to be.
Nicole Whats the problem with being gay? Besides, it's Rick's book, and it's America, not everyone is straight.
Maddie Hazel Guys! You are missing out! Nico this... Nico that... Argh! What about Annabeth and Percy?! Gosh! Nico got enough spotlight. Time for Percabeth to shine!!! Really! Percabeth is SO cute! They would DIE for each other! It is the CUTEST OTP EVER! Put aside Nico for a minute!
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*Amelia* I agree, especially since this is supposed to be young adult
Fanfiction Cupids I always thought Rick got sleeping one day and someone idk, his family or something, thought this as a joke and changed his script into Nico was gay, and they thought Rick WOULD change it. But it was the due date so he sent it and it got publish..but that is of course, not true
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