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How many books are planned for this series? Also does this mean that the Dresden Files will be wrapping up soon?

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Felix When I talked to him; he mentioned 20 + an apocalyptic ending trilogy = 23!
Kevin At least three...Jim has said that he has ideas for the Dresden Files into 20+, I just hope the publisher keeps them coming.
Serack The Cinder Spires has a contract for 3 books. Jim says he wants it to be a 6 book series, but has a plan for how to end it in 3 if they don't decide to publish it that way.

Which is almost exactly how he planed the length for Codex Alera.

As for DF, Felix has that covered

Edit: since I wrote the above Jim has clarified that he could end it at 3, 6, or 9 depending on how the series is received and the publisher 's future contracts
Justyna I hope I'm going to still be around when Butcher writes his final Dresden book;) 23 books? Skin Game is 15th novel. So that leaves 8 books. Skin Game was released n 2014...the next one is scheduled to be released in if we're going to have one every 2 years...we have 16 more years of Harry Dresden haha
Lex Check his interview on here:

His initial contract is for 3 books. But he has material and end points for 3, 6 and 9 books. So in a perfect world, we get 9. In reality, we could get 3 or 6 depending on reception and publishers and contracts.

For the Dresden Files, he has stated in the past and confirmed in the interview that his plan is 20 or 21 "case" books, followed by a massive trilogy to wrap it up.
Laurie Cantrell I love his creation of worlds and such believable characters. I like that the sound of the setting for this series. I wonder what inspires him to make the characters so enriched like they become friends?
Katie Storer I went to a book signing last week and Jim told us his current contract is for 3 books. However, he has planned the story so that it could end at 3 books, 6 books, or 9 books. He hopes it goes well enough that he can get all 9 books written and published. I'm betting that it does! I think it is a good sign that he has planned this story out the way he did with Dresden files. I believe he told us there were 6 more books in DF before getting to the 3-book triology that will end the series. Something like that.
Bruce Don't forget, Robert Jordan originally planned his Wheel Of Time series to be seven books, but due to incredible sales, he was convinced to push that number back.....just a wee bit. :) So if we keep buying, maybe Jim will just keep on writing!
Trayce love to read more about tAre there any plans for a spin-off series from the Dresden Files? I would he Knights, especially if Murphy picks up a sword, or Molly and the Winter Court. There are great characters in that series that I would love to keep reading about!
Adam Meiswinkel Jim has said that he needs to stagger projects to recharge his creative batteries so to speak. I'd expect him to bounce back and forth between the two series one book at a time.
Anand Dresden is a planned 25 right ? with last few ones with some apocalypse theme? i just can't get enough of it.
Chris Heins I see the number has been answered, but you all are also keeping up with the comics right? They fill in the gaps. I'm missing a couple of the comics and 1 bigfoot book. I always enjoy all of his work. I usually churn through the books in less time than any other author. Maybe some of his comics can cover some of your ideas. I'd also like to see some more of the werewolves.
Joseph Larsson The replies sound like what i've heard in different discussions J. Butcher has done. Good news all around as that means we have 10 more years of Dresden health and life allowing.
Alex Word of Jim is: 3, 6, or 9 Cinder Spires books depending on how well they sell. 20 (+-2) Dresden case files with a door-stopper trilogy at the end. (and there will be no more Codex Alera books unless his son wants to go to grad school)
Michael @Felix: 23. Hmmm... I wonder if he planned this - it is the number of major arcanum in a tarot deck.
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