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What age group would you suggest?

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Fi Brit There is some nasty sexual violence though it’s described in the 3rd person which makes it less confronting. I suppose it all depends on the individual teen. Personally, I don’t know why other reviewers are worried about swearing or teenage sex when there’s a passage about being raped with a broken beer bottle.
Robin Heaton would depend... the books are definitely not raunchy, not a lot of foul language, some sexual inuendo, no full blown descriptions, mature high schooler maybe?
Kali I disagree, definitely an adult read. It is the definition of raunchy, most all sexually related encounters are indeed shocking. It is not appropriate. And there are way too many cuss words. I cannot speak about the other books in this series yet, but if it's anything like Ashley explained I think that solidifies my opinion that these are adult only. I don't even want to read more of them myself because of this.
Eve it depends on what you've already been thru. like it gets super violent in the 2nd half with mutilitation. however there's a sense of trying to give those victims support. there is a much more gruesome crime scene towards the end, so if you're disturbed by forensic files or even the first few minutes of say monk (which is a drama-comedy) or more cop crime drama, then it's probably not for you.

i think you'd need to be at an age where you know about sex & have an opinion on kink, because there is a somewhat humorous scene involving bondage (basically everyone thinks it was dirty at first glance until stephanie corrects them). so frankly, if an age group hadn't been aware of such acts & had a solid opinion either way, then this could accidentally put them on a road to kink due to desensitization & how often teens historically have been made the subject of dirty jokes due to the body horror of puberty.

if you're not in a place where you can even discuss this with somebody, then don't be recommending it. in my case, at least 2 members of my family have read the entire series, so i technically always had that sort of built-in bookclub available, which would likely be helpful had i read this at a younger age. for example i got thru the first 7 chapters back in 2011-2012, and right now in 2020 i'm 25. so yeah. take that as you will.

TLDR: make sure they have had sex education first, one that talks about consent & how kink works, so they can recognize how violence works. if you think they're too young for that, then definitely don't recommend this book. if they get disturbed by crime shows, well this is a crime book, so therefore don't recommend it to them. basically don't recommend this to groups of people.
Fredi Stewart 14-seniors. There is a lot of innuendo, language but I think a 14 year old could handle it.
Liz I've only read two of the books so far but, I'd say if they were movies I'd rate them PG-13. Blatant mentions of sex, but nothing happening "onscreen." And nothing too darkly graphic or violent.
Ashley Towle I would say about 15, this is a series and some of the books further into the series do have scenes that are pretty descriptive (like really descriptive). Then again it depends on the person/child. I have a friend with 2 kids who just turned 15 and they probably would have been mature enough to read and understand these books at 12 or 13. I would suggest deciding if your child is mature enough to handle a bit of language and a few descriptive scenes because you can't just read one of these books and eventually they will read through the sex scenes. Or you could pre-read the books and black out the sex scenes lol I've heard of people doing that before.
Donna I agree with Robin. The numbered series is funny and serious--a book many could relate to in some way. I've tried reading the books not containing Stephanie Plum and I couldn't catch the same interest in the book.
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