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I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased this book for my daughter after seeing the musical. Very glad I read it before she had looked at it. Hated it. Never before have I ever said I hated a book. Hated it. Completely?

Mercey No it's not a kids book. It's also not the exact same as the Musical either. Perhaps if you'd read the book before seeing the musical you'd have liked it better (both of them). I dont' think it's fair to bash the book though just because you expected it to be a kids book and it's not.
Ellie Pierce Wow. Did you hate it because it was an adult examination of repression, prejudice and genocide, artfully clothed in a fantasy metaphor in the same clever vein the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez or the Handmaid's Tale?

Or did you hate it because it wasn't YA fiction like Twilight?
Can you say philistine?
Iris ...I loved it. Both the musical and the book. In fact, it's my favorite book. I'm constantly rereading it. I think he did such a brilliant job of showing other aspects to the characters we already knew and loved and of giving the land of Oz more life and zest. I especially loved how he slowly had Elphaba grow from naive ingenue to bitterly wicked.
Rockeye Yup. Not a kids book. Really good idea for a book, but the actual book was terrible.
Hannah I loved the musical, but I honestly couldn't get through the book. I'm in the same boat as you; I wish I'd read reviews first.
Mo The reading comprehension and length itself should scare off children wanting to read the book. I'm sure it's intended for mature audiences as it deals with mature topics, unlike the musical which had been adapted and simplified for the purposes of being family friendly. You probably want the Wicked By Winnie Holzman that was written based on this novel for the musical.
ElphieNatalie Its a whole different thing than the musical, and many people hate it for being more tragic and serious. But the book has its moments of joy too, and should not be quickly judged. I thought they were two different stories but they were both to my delight and they both teached me things.
Venetia Gentzler Agreed it's not a kid's book. I tried reading it for a year and half. Got through about half of it. I am usually good with alternative "languages" etc. But I was always feeling lost, and waiting for it to make sense. Not cohesive for me , and I think having seen the musical, I expected to be able to follow it better. I know that often is not the case. But, just not the book for me.
Danny Aguilera Well, I must say that I loved the play, the music, the characters, everything. For the book I can only say that I liked it. It is quite different than the play, that's for sure, but I enjoyed to have a most complete development of the characters. Because of its politic, religion, sex themes and mature language, I definitely wouldn't recommend this book to underage readers.
Lauren I saw the musical many times before, read the book, and didn't like it, but not because of the musical. I think it's a bad book on its own, with or without the musical's existence.
M. Blakelylaw Ditto. I was horrified as I read it that it might end up in some children's hands for the same reasons you mention. I, too, had picked it up because I so love the musical.
Avenashi I enjoyed the reading about the back stories and the in depth analysis of each character. Honestly, I think that the book is very well-written and I will reread it again.
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