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Sounds like an interesting book, but I'm leery of Baen books as they're too often on the far Right politically. Is that the case with this book? Is this another Libertarian/Radical Right novel?

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Leo Walsh Actually, far from Libertarian. It reads leftish. I'd class the feel as a liberal-leaning centrist. The protagonist has no respect for corporations, who deforest and show reckless disregard for sentient beings like workers, most of whom hail from teh Tird World. Nor does he respect the main authorities who recruited him for "special duty" because of the lies the leaders told him... and live daily.

Then there is a conference (no details... Removed due to spoilers)...

To me, this reads more like Asimov and golden-age space opera than Right-Wing military SF. Good read (but not great).
Bill If you carefully look at the authors published by Baen you will find they span the political spectrum. By the way, it always makes it easier to address political issues/concerns if you define what you mean by Left, Right, Libertarian, etc.
Franklin R Jeff I worry about people who pre- judge anything and those who edit themselves based on the opinion of others ...if you are a true liberal then you claim to be open minded and if that where true you would read the book and make up your own mind ...it is a sad state future that awaits us with people like you in it who are unable to stand up as a human being to the might and power of the only true evil mankind has ever know GOVERNMENT Schools are tools and you my friend would have been as comfortable in a brown shirt in Germany in 1929 as you are groveling at the feet of whatever your masters in the DNC hold up for you to bow down in devotion to next
Jeff I understand where you are coming from on that point. It makes me leery of that publisher for the same reason. I wouldn't say that this book is blatantly libertarian or radical right wing in its outlook. However, the main character is very much an uber-man (which ruined the book for me personally), which might be arguably Randian.
Br1cht No, and many of the persons people like you sling fling shit at with "Istophobe" or "Nahtzee" isn´t even close. There are some old-school "Rightwingers" at Baen but what most of them has in common is a very pro-individual liberties and anti-Corporate Fascism/Socialism(if you look at any of those ideologies you´ll see that the same people always wind up at the top while ordinary people get the boot.

The bought Corporate media has done a number on many people nowadays and they buy into the propaganda so much that they forget that the "elite" loath ALL of us "little people" and it doesn´t matter much to them if you call yourself right or Left, you´re all cattle to them.

Start thinking for yourself and maybe think about if Facebook slogans and memes should be your political and moral basis in life.
Peter Andrews I do not know the answer but interestingly this author has a book about speculative fiction affecting policies in the real world: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/3...
Michael Long I will say the book is very much against large corporations influencing government, and casts corporations in a very negative light. As for the future, it is very pro-American and somewhat against the EU and Asia islands (which happen to work closely with mega corporations in said future world).
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