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If I am thinking about reading this series, should I start with this one or the one that is technically the first book (AKA Cinder)?

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Amanda Rule of thumb for series is to read it by the publication date
Jenni This book should DEFINITELY be read after Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress. There are spoilers in there for pretty much all three if you read it first.
Nisma Salem Read Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Winter, Fairest
Mendes Fan Yes, read the first book before Fairest. It will spoil things if you read it before. Here's the order:
Also Go to the authors website , where she will give you a sequence of reading the books. Hope you enjoy :)
Winter I would actually read Fairest first. I know that it does make it easier to guess the "plot twist" in Cinder, but that plot twist is fairly easy to catch early on anyway. Fairest was written as a prequel and I think it adds so much more to the series to start off knowing Levana's backstory. It makes the series so much more gray (understanding both sides). Which I personally love.
Heidi I agree with Amanda! I would read by publication date. I would not want to know Levana's backstory before reading the first three books!
Mia Mosle Read it but not before Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress. Its a REALLY good book but has spoilers for basically all three of those. After you read Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Fairest, read Winter then Stars Above. You could read Fairest last or second to last but definitely DO NOT read fairest before Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress, it gives away to much.
Mishla Sil I would advise you to read the pre-determined order of the short stories and novels.
Cinder [novel]
Glitches [short story]
Scarlet [novel]
The Queen's Army [short story]
Cress [nove]
Fairest [short story]

I advise this so you have a certain wonder and you actually want to read the short stories to find out more about the characters. If you already know too much about them, you'll probably lose interest in the one its building up to.
Bess Angello Definatly read them in order. Cinder first! This series is amazing!
Caroline It's a great series, and it should definitely be read in order. As a prequel, "Fairest" subtly spoils several plot twists, particularly one in "Cinder". It doesn't directly say what happens, but I imagine any perceptive reader would be able to figure out Cinder's twist very early on after reading this book.
Sarahʕ•ᴥ•ʔ The author recommends to read the books in this order:
I read Fairest after Winter, but you can read it either way.
Ellie Bell Fairest is book 3.5, meaning that you should read it after cress
Shannon Okay, I'm changing my comment because I've finished reading the book. I would read Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress first before reading Fairest. Only because events in Fairest are events mentioned in the earlier books, and could ruin the surprises in the other stories. It takes place before Winter, but you can read Winter without reading this book, there really isn't much surprises tied to Winter. I think it came before that story because in the back of the book are three chapters of Winter. Most of things unveiled in Fairest are peppered throughout the series, but this story is told from Lavana's point of view and explains why she acts the way she does.
Nina Drozd Does it have to be read or will you not understand the story?
Gabi Batten Read the first book. It will not make since if you start with this one
Claire Bixby You should for sure start with Cinder! Fairest has a lot of spoilers and would not make sense if you did not read Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress before.
Klarissa Burch Read Cinder first or you won't understand what is happening in Fairest.
Eve I would at least read Cinder before this one.
Trudy Nye Read them in order if at all possible. The Lunar Chronicles is really a serial (one story) rather than a series. The books aren't stand-alone stories, but installments of the one story with cliff-hanger endings.
Milaarquen I think you should read in the order Marissa Meyer suggested here:

Cinder (Book #1)
Scarlet (Book #2)
The Queen’s Army*
The Little Android* <~ Note: As this short story is not directly related to the events in the books, it doesn’t really matter when you read it.
Cress (Book #3)
Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky**
Fairest (Book #0.5)
The Princess and the Guard***
Winter (Book #4)
Cecilia Rodriguez I would start with Cinder.
Jade-elise No, read cinder first so you get attached to her character first and then read fairest probably after cress. Don't know if you've already read the series now but if you haven't, just read cinder first :) thats my opinion. Also it would spoil many plot twists, so yes definitely read the series in order of publication date.
Kris Hill This book should be read after Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress. I know it takes place before them, but it reveals things that you shouldn't know going into Cinder first.
Gina (My Precious Blog) This is book #3.5, the series would be enjoyed best by reading Cinder, Scarlet and Cress (in that order) before this one.
Amy Yes, this series is definitely meant to be read in order. Fairest, which was released today, is a prequel, and can be read out of order, but I would still recommend reading Cinder first.
Eileen As I haven't read Fairest yet I can't answer BUT I feel you should really start with Cinder. An absolutely WONDERFUL series!!!
Diana Braxton Definetly start with Cinder! This may reveal a lot of spoilers and plot twists!
Bubbly Start with Cinder! This book is a prequel/backstory about the villain, Queen Levana
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