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So what in the frick actually happened!?

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Hailey Okay I know I'm late to the party but I just finished it so yeah. Well the text messages to Elise when her found was in custody had one from Tate saying that he was going to try to sneak away, back to the house. And then given the ending scenario, she said that she had pushed everything out of her head, while she was laying on the beach, so when she returned to the house and heard them talking it all came rushing back; which makes me think that Mel had in fact been lying.. I do agree that Elise was obsessed with Anna, but I also feel like their relationship wasn't as platonic as they would like us to believe. That scene in Anna's bed after her mom's funeral kind of sounds like they were making out.. And then of course the final scene "and for a moment it's like I'm there beneath her; her skin against mine." Implies that maybe Anna in fact HAS been beneath Elise while she's about to orgasm. However the closing "how much do you love me," is maybe the most confusing part for me, because it could be Anna asking this in a jealous way like "how much do you love me to be having sex with someone that's not me, you're mine," type deal. Or it could be a "how much do you love me to be fucking my boyfriend?" "How much do you love me for you to be hurting me in this way?" Honestly I feel like Haas does so much to steer you away from thinking it's Anna that I am truly ashamed that it took me until the graveyard scene to figure that out. Back when she first found the necklace and said that she had known, was when I should have started questioning it. But I do wish the actual murder had been explained because that would have been some shit.. Like did Anna just sort of slink away into the shadows, go back to the beach, wait for Tate to return, make an excuse to go to the bathroom, sneak back up to Elise's room, start something sexual and then just stab her? Oh wait but there was that part where she had unexplained whereabouts.. When Tate was at the house and she was "down by the beach.." so she must have stayed there, pretended to be oblivious, said she was going back out after being lazy for a few hours or something, snuck over to Elise's room, and then killed her.
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