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I´m looking forward to read this one and Garys story, I wish Garys story was first because its kind of where he was left off at last book, could have been nice to continue with Gary. Anyway I´m good as long as this Dark series not ends.Also a year between each book too long.. I guess I will have start to reread entire series. I want to ask to readers who is your favorite couple? :)

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Rita Jacque and Shea got me started on this series, and I will always have a soft spot for them.
Renae D Ivory and Razvan!! They are soulmates and warrior's!!
Christina Dimitri and Skyler are my favorite. I love their bond, they're true soulmates.
Rachel Tough one to answer.
I love Ivory, but not Razvan so much. Her wolves are wicked cool.
Natalya and Vik were a very strong couple, and she does have a quick wit.
In 2016 there will be two Carpathian books released, so not too long a wait, eh?
Sue Crosby I like Julian and Desari. His humour and her ability to put him in his place by weaving a net of it. Favourite book though is Dark Celebration. No matter how many times i re-read it, i always get a smile on my face when Mikhail tells Gregori he IS playing Santa. :D
April The Del La Cruz brothers all had awesome lifemates.
Natalya & Virkonoff, one of my favorites, because I liked Natalya's humor! :))
Loretta Abernathy I favor Joey +Train; love the banter, the total acceptance and the adventure. I know CF maybe tiring with the series, just hope you have someone training, yea a year is too long, even with other authors as fillers. Yet, I do understand about your other series. Patiently waiting.
Melissa Toss up between Darius & Tempest or Natalya & Virkonoff
Fleur So many couples to choose from, but probably Nicholae and Destiny. They fight as a true team, always knowing each other's moves, and he seems to treat her a a true equal.
Ali Molenaar Natalya and Vikirnoff. It's the book with which I started the series.
monica Zacarías And Marguarita is my favorite
Donna Ivory and Razvan for sure. Love them!!!
Angela Verdenius Gregori and Savannah are my favorite couple!
Shantel Clemons Ivory and Razvan. I just keep re-reading their story.
Angelica Hamilton I love Savannah and Gregori the characters just come to life in my mind for me.
Marge I guess my favorite couple would be Natalya and Vik, she takes no guff from him and when he gets too macho she lets him have it. I just love her wit.
Stacey Giehll Me? I have to go with Ivory and Razvan. I didn't start at the beginning of the series, I didn't even know there was a series until I found this book. I will always have a place in my heart for these two.
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