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I am wondering from anyone that has read this book if it is appropriate for younger tween girls. My daughter is 11 and studying classical ballet and is interested in reading the book. I am wondering if there is any topics in the book that you would feel are not appropriate for a girl of 11? thanks.

Jennifer This book is a flowing story that I couldn't put down, and I read it in a day. I think a smart 11 year old girl would learn a lot about life, self-discipline, families with emotional and stress challenges (Misty talks about her mom's multiple divorces and reasons why) and Misty's fortitude to master life's curveballs and continue to pursue ballet (the art-form, activity and sport to which Misty becomes committed). Misty talks about her experience of the ballet world as a technically skilled, artistically sensitive brown-skinned dancer and the prejudices she encounters in her career as a ballerina in an historically white-skinned occupation.
Lisa Absolutely appropriate for an 11 year old…Misty Copeland is a beautiful role model. There are difficult parts of her life but she does not portray anyone with anger or ugliness. A wonderful read.
AliceinWonderland Yes, I think it is appropriate and written at a very basic reading level that would be suitable for tweens. I think Misty's story is very inspirational and would be a wonderful example for your girls. Good luck! Merde!
Rhys R. this book is amazing for young dancers! I am 11 and read it recently. It inspired me to push myself much more! I recommend reading it.
Kyle FYI - There is also a "Young Readers Edition", which my 11 year old daughter (and dancer) loved https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2... . The publisher, Simon & Schuster lists this edition "for ages 8-12" http://www.simonandschuster.com/books... .
Sara their are some words in this book that might not be ok for younger kids in the begining but other than that it is fine
Meghan I think it's totally apporpriate for an 11 year old. I believe it would be important to discuss Misty's childhood and how difficult it must have been for both her, her mother, and her dance teacher.
Andrea I'm reading it now so I can have it done before I have my 8-yo give it a go. It might be a little while before she's ready, but 11-yo is a perfect age. You probably already have your answers, but I figured I'd chime in anyway.
Marion Zatz i would definitely recommend it to a young girl.
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