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Is this an overrated book (since it has been compared to Eleanor & Park and The Fault In Our Stars) or is it worth buying? Opinions, anyone? :)

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Nenia ✨ I yeet my books back and forth ✨ Campbell It's pretty similar to FAULT IN OUR STARS. Two teens meet by happenstance. Both are so quirky and contrived it hurts. They connect over a work of pretentious literature (Virginia Woolf in this case), which they proceed to quote at each other throughout the whole book. Both try to make a serious illness lighthearted, but whereas Green manages to somewhat capture the closeness of the cancer community, Finch is relentlessly bullied for his mental illness -- without consequence. (There's this disgusting scene with the school paper, where his school prints an article called "Students most likely to commit suicide..." or something like that. Goes unpunished, nobody talks about why it's wrong.) I also didn't like how suicide and suicidality is painted as this reckless, romantic, brave "I'll show you"-type thing, because that's not how it is at all. The ending...well, you can see it coming. At least I did. In my opinion, TFIOS and AtBP are pretty similar, except one's a washed out copy of the other. I'm so tired of this Neo-Byronic bullcrap where every Tom, Dick, and Harry love interest in YA/NA has to have some deep-seated (and ill-portrayed) issue.
Catrin Burgess I liked it better than both of those, and cried more in it. The writing and characters are very, very different and it was so good! The emotional feel of the book did remind me a lot of John Green though, how it can be heart warming and heart breaking all at the same time. EDIT: also just thought i'd add that my mum has bipolar, anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder and I thought that it portrayed the manic moments as a result of bipolar quite accurately.
mykanos *~*spinebreaker*~* I believe it is very, very different from both of those books. In many superficial ways (two quirky teens, a romance, battling through difficulty), maybe it is similar, but then the same could be said for almost every teen novel out there. This was not anything close to overrated, and even though it'll break your heart, you'll need to read it to fully comprehend the amazingness of this novel. While others are certainly entitled to their opinion, the honesty with which Finch's depression is portrayed and the reality of the issues that are a real part of our society makes this one a winner for me. And nothing like The Fault in Our Stars.
Elin Not overrated at all! It's way better than "The Fault in Our Stars". It has a more mature language / tone of voice, and I, at least, find that it teaches you a lot more about the struggles of life than TFIOS did.

It's going to hurt, but however difficult you may find it, be sure you read the WHOLE book.
Kara I think the only reason it was compared to Eleanor & Park and The Fault In Our Stars is because they're two popular YA books so why not. Just like every YA dystopian novel will forever be "just like The Hunger Games!"

This is an old question and you've probably made up your mind by now, but I thought it was a good book and not really at all like the E&P or TFIOS, and it's silly to market it as a cross between them.
WhovianatHearts Yes. They are way to alike and far worst when it comes to entertaining the reader. People. Stop saying like it is a TFIOS. It is more of a ripoff of Paper Towns in my opinion. Instead of Q trying to find Margo, it is Violet trying to find Finch. THIS WAS A PAINFUL READ FOR ME. Yes. I wanted to throw this book aimlessly at something. I got this book due to the fact that it had such great reviews and it seemed up my alley. I wouldn't trust the booktubers on this book. Truthfully, their is too much (boring and pointless) dialogue and too close to the author's heart rather than the reader. As you can read in the acknowledgements in the back, it is not that hard to tell. I did cry a tear or too, yet I was SO HAPPY that the book ended. As for humor, their isn't a lot to talk about. Green talks about the Black Santa's (Paper Towns) and the how eggs and breakfast don't deserve to be labeled breakfast food. (TFIOS) The most humerus part was the name of Finch's car. This book may have not meant to be humerus, but it needed it. The ending just continues on and on, with no real good reason to keep going. All except to solve hints later on in the book. Which couldn't be even more boring than the middle. The book goes up, and than downhill immediately. As for the characters, they are pretty flat for being the two main protagonist. If you liked Hazel or Eleanor, I found Violet is an easy downgrade from the two. They just don't have the entertaining personality that I was looking for. As for Eleanor and Park, I have not finished, but have read a few chapters of. If you loved Eleanor and Park, I truthfully do not believe you will fall in love with this book due to the flat characters and dialogue. Maybe this book just isn't for me, but I found that in the end, it really wasn't worth my time.

Why I didn't like it (May or may not be included above)
~To similar to way to many YA books
~Paper Towns with suicide
~Not at all entertaining or funny
~Oh the dialogue...
~To close to authors heart rather than reader

~Don't trust the booktubers or goodreads with a 4.2 rating.
~With respect to the author, I enjoyed writing this review more than the actually book to be honest. I found it too close to her heart rather than the reader. Which hurt the book in my opinion.

*Tried to keep this as spoiler free as possible. Everything is vague if close to a spoiler. However I do not think this answer is a huge spoiler to anything major that you may enjoy. If you have any other minor questions comment bellow and I will answer whenever I am on. I will not answer spoilers though.
Laila This is not overrated. This is one of the best books ever. After I read the book, I had to close it and think about my life choices.
Camile Nauta I personally think it is better than the Fault in Our Stars. It is well written, has memorable characters, and overall is one of my all time favorites. I think it is definitely worth buying especially if you like romances and books that make you cry. (also I believe they are making a movie that will be in theaters in 2017) :)
Amelinda I know some people liked it but I didn't. I loved The Fault In Our Stars, and have no idea why they compared this book to that--they are completely different.
Hana Everybody is saying this is so similar to The Fault In Our Stars.
The Fault In Our Stars did not cross my mind once while I was reading this book. All the Bright Places is a great book and I don't appreciate it when people compare it to other books. Every book is original, and every book has its own unique quality. Also, nearly every novel with romance is compared to Eleanor and Park. Because Eleanor and Park is the best love story ever, don't you think? ;)
If you haven't read it already, I think you should. It was a really good book and it is still haunting me! :)
Andreea I liked it more than The Fault in Our Stars. Not in the matter of writing, but just because it's closer to me than TFIOS. I think TFIOS is overrated yet I still consider it a good book. Same with All the Bright Places.
Claire It is different than Fault in our Stars and I didn't care for Eleanor and Park.
Noam Yes, highly overrated. If you liked the theme of two hurt people trying to help each other, go for The Sea of Tranquility.
Taylor I know you bought the book but posting in case others see this. :) In my opinion, it's not overrated. I think this book is better if you forget about the comparisons to TFIOS/E&P. Although, the writing style is similar and if you enjoy books by John Green and Rainbow Rowell, even David Levithan, there's a very high chance you will like this book. I think that's more of what the blurb was all about in the first place. I tried to block out preconceived notions because that's always bothersome and rather annoying. I'm curious to see how you feel after reading!
Maggie Stewart totally worth reading. i think its def one of the better love stories these days. by far. i have no regrets about reading this book and reference it often.
Rowan It's a little bit like both and what other people said sort of sums it up but I'd just like to say that it is FAR more than Eleanor and Park or The Fault In Our Stars. Where Eleanor and Park IS tear-jerking and deals with the issue of a bad home life, All The Bright Places made me sob like a baby all night and included issues such as a bad home life, abuse, bullying, dead family, and suicide. I think it does have the similarity to any John Green book but more so like Paper Towns with the "wandering" similar to when they're running around pranking everyone in Paper Towns. I am personally not a huge fan of John Green's work because they're all very similar and predictable with crazy and outgoing Person A meets somewhat bland and "normal" Person B and they go on an adventure until someone goes missing/dies. All The Bright Places was written from experience and I think Jennifer Niven captured what she was going for perfectly. I think the relationship is beautiful and Finch is an amazingly nonchalant bad boy type that doesn't even conform to that specific cliche. I recommend it!
Non Not overrated in the slightest. I haven't read Eleanor & Park, but I did read TFIOS. I was a bit underwhelmed by it. Jennifer Niven's book, All The Bright Places, is a story that reminds us of all of the beauty and importance and wholehearted fervor of living a life completely and, as we do so, embracing the "lovely" in all of it and within each of us. I think the structure, with the two first person POVs, helps the reader get a better and deeper sense of each of the characters; characters whose struggles and joys are something we can all relate to. I think it's a beautiful story, so affecting and lovely. We actually had Jennifer Niven on our podcast, where we get into more detail about her approach to the book: http://www.joysandwich.com/episodes/p... :D
Kimberly Not overrated. It's an important book about bipolar/manic depressive disorder. Something not talked about a lot in YA (or at all)? Not like FIOS at all...unless you mean romance and death? Otherwise, beautifully written and interesting read imo!
Kate Lattey I personally preferred it to TFioS*. Less pretentious and less contrived, in my opinion. Yes, there's a lot of Virginia Woolf and a focus on literature and words, but I felt that it worked better within the context of these characters, who use words to try and ground themselves, to grip onto life. I could forgive Finch his quirkiness because he wasn't being that way on purpose. There was a lot that he just couldn't help being and doing, and it broke my heart. I cried so much that it hurt when I read this book - that hasn't happened to me for a long time.

I think that if you enjoyed The Fault in our Stars, you would find plenty to like in this book too.

* I haven't read Eleanor & Park so can't compare it to that book.
yasmin feras kayal its great and all , but i definitely loved the fault in our stars more .
caitlin I, personally, don't think its very similar to either. The Fault in Our Stars is about two kids with an irreversible genetic illness, Eleanor and Park is about abusive relationships, while All the brightest Places is about suicide and suicide prevention. While the characters in all of these books might come across as similar and the writing and language used in the books track the same, they couldn't be more different with different themes, messages, and different audiences.
Arundhati Ganga It is definitely worth buying and I don't think it is overrated. I haven't read Eleanor and Park. TFIOS is one of the most liked books and I can't compare it to anything. But ATBP is beautiful.
Lia It's not overrated. Yeah somehow similar to fault in our stars but sooooooooooooooo much better. Like I fell so madly in lov with this book, I cannot say
Camiawrites Suicide and dying from cancer are not synonymous. Death comes in many shades as does life. To compare the two is to diminish its value. All these books fall under the same category but they are from the same. Finch is dealing with the desire to live but can’t find what he needs to validate his life. And Violet is going through the same thing because she lived and her sister lived and she wants to know why. The Fault in Our Stars deals with mortality and coming to face with that at a young age. Eleanor and Park deal with love and loss and grief if you will but as teenagers find one another, lose one another due to circumstances beyond their control and grieving of those loses. But it’s not about death. I think the book All The Bright Places should be read alone and not compared at all. It’s so much more than teen angst and sickness. It’s about life and finding a way to live.
Mia Guigou I personally despised The Fault in our Stars but adored All the Bright Places. It is far more personal than Green's writing and shows a more realistic representation of teenagers. Overall, more realistic characters and relatable story.
Marinka Deursen I personally loved this book more than The Fault in Our Stars and Eleonor & Park, the second I didn't even finish. This felt more honest and true.
Mio YES! I know I'm late but YES, I think it's overrated. I loved both mentioned books and really didn't like this one at all. I don't get the hype.
Corrina This is a very popular book and I do recommend it, however it's not ranked high in my favorite books. I think that it should not even be compared to Eleanor and Park of The Fault in Our Stars because those books are AMAZING and this book doesn't even come close to being as incredible as them. If I were you, I would check it out from the library or borrow it because it isn't worth it to own it.
Mary I would say it's totally overrated and not work buying at all. I was not a fan and I really do like most books.
julia NO this is NOT an overrated book! One of the best. The style is very close to The Fault in Our Stars though. It is most definitely worth reading.
Lilian Personally, it is literally better than the other books. This is NOT an overrated book, it is literally the best book ever. I cried so much and not much books makes me cry.
Lainey 4412 Go buy it right now !! Lol
gari it is worth buying. the story line is amazing, once you start reading it you will get addicted to it ( personal experience ) although i am a slow reader but i completed this book in two seating.
SraPanadera Not overrated, but suffers from the same faults as most John Green novels (i.e. teens that are far too intelligent and eloquent to be believable and adults who are far too stupid and oblivious) . Of the 3 mentioned, Eleanor & Park is probably the most realistic. That said, All the Bright Places was an enjoyable read. I would borrow instead of buy though.
Eva Unlike most people, I don't think this book was very similar to The Fault In Our Stars. The writing style was VERY different, and it was much more heartbreaking. I loved this book and thought that it was DEFINITELY worth buying.
Emiley Travers This book is so worth it!! As a high school student that is troubled with similar issues, I thought that this book was amazing. Niven makes the characters relatable and very realistic. I loved this book so much more than both of those, I also cried a lot more....
Ella this is honestly one of the best books i've ever read, it's underrated tbh. IMO, the fault in our stars wasn't actually that good and genuinely didn't make me cry, but this book was so amazing and definitely worth buying
Riti When you see a book, don't judge it by its 'overratedness'. Read it if you like the plot. Simple as that.
FYI, this book is awesome. It is uplifting, calling, soothing, sad, happy. It's a journey through a whirlwind of emotions. It's better than Fault in Our Stars. Way better.
Rafaela Faraguna it's worth buying. My absolute favorite. It's full of beautiful quotes.
Claire Yup, it's overrated. Also it glorifies suicide, so there's that problem.
Sacha Kay In a way the books are similar. "Fault In Our Stars" didn't make me cry, though...
Gina I have yet to read Eleanor & Park and I would have probably given The Fault In Our Stars around 3 stars, but I fricking loved All The Bright Places. 5/5 Stars. I feel like the style of writing in this book doesn't make it sound annoyingly cheesy or cliche, mainly because Finch is just such a unique and natural-feeling character. Depends on what you're into I guess, but I'd definitely recommend it, even if the other two books weren't really your thing!
Tina Not at all over rated. I thought FIOS was over rated after I read it. I loved Eleanor and Park (and all Rainbow Rowell books) but it did not make me cry. This book...this book made me cry like a baby. Of the three, I would say this one is best. Then E&P, then Fault.
Konnie Read both of the fore mentioned books above and enjoyed both of them immensely.

This book, however, I found sooooo BORING. The writing leaving much to be desired. I couldn't get past a few chapters and finally decided to abandon it. I felt like I was in a slow, time warp.....
Nelly Right, so I have only read tfios not Eleanor & Park, but in all honesty it is quite simaller to tfios in the fact two teens meet and they turn eachothers lifes around but I'd defiantly buy it becuase within the actual story line it is VERY different and with the back story of both charectars you become very attached to them and you feel like you know them. And because they switch to both main charectars you really dive deep into both people and their side to everything! Especially near the end when you are about to reach the climax you litrally cant put it down becuase of the anticipation of what the hell is happening!

overall, it is simaler in someways to tfios but sooo different in others and it defiantly recommended to readd!

Btw, whilst reading DO NOT PUT THE BOOK DOWN, no matter how hard you do not want to know how it ends READ IT, id advise once you are pasted page 100 get some tissues in preparation!!!!!!!
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There are similiar things in those books, like love, but violet and finch is awesome. You will cry, you will laught, you will fall in love w/ this couple and you will cry again, and again, and again, believe me.
Melanie IT IS BETTER SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER. THIS IS THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ AND NO IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TFIOS and nor with EP it's better, trust me on this, you'll go cracy about it after and during the book. LOVE LOVE LOVE AND ONLY LOVE FOR FINCH AND VIOLET
Cristina Ermac I have read Fault in our stars, but this one was much better... the love story was more interesting and unusual...and the characters were unordinary. I also liked the main idea more...
Caitlyn "Books Are My Life" Baker Absolutely not. I fully enjoyed this book, was deeply connected to the characters, and cried over it. I didn't like "The Fault in Our Stars" (book version) nearly as well as this. TFIOS had a really depressing tone, but this one has a more wondrous and extraordinary feel to it. If you liked Eleanor and Park (I did, though not as much as this), I would definitely give it a shot. It's quirky and fun, but it's still connected to teen reality more so than some books.
emily this book is one of my absolute favourite books. ever. the amount of emotion you feel while reading is breathtaking. in my opinion, this book made mecry just as much as tfios. it is definitely worth the read
Erin Hough I know that a lot of people will say that it is very similar to 'The Fault In Our Stars' and it is the sense that it is about two teens who fall in love. But then can't you say it is like so many other books, 'Romeo and Juliet' for instance. I personally thought that it was better than 'The Fault In Our Stars' as "All The Bright Places' made me laugh more, cry harder and most importantly I found it easier to relate and fall in love with the characters. Normally I hate these types of books but I happened to love this one. All in all I'm saying that there was something about this book that I loved when usually I don't really like these books, but only you can be the judge of that, thats why different books are special to different people :) x
Sydney I didn't find it 'overrated' at all! Really inspirational and not that similar to The Fault in our Stars at all. TFIOS is about a relationship around cancer, and this novel is about a relationship (less romantic) around a mental illness. Definitely would not refrain from reading it because of that.
Celia Erikstad Nooo this book is so sweet! Much much better the the fault in our stars.
Booked up with Lizzy I think the book is without doubt ten times better then the fault in out starts and Eleanor and park. I think it is a fault to compare those stories with all the bright places. They have the same genre, but the story is so different. I think the book was amazing!
Wendy The Fault in Our Stars and All the Bright Places are both beautifully written, both made me cry a little, and both are worth reading and thinking and feeling about, but other than that the plot and characters are quite different. From experience with bipolar family and friends, I also thought that aspect was portrayed well and sensitively. I'd recommend it!
Kathleen This book was better then either of those books. There was real character development, real emotions, real tears cried when reading it.

The author made you care about both of these characters. That is rare to come by in any piece of writing.
Loraine Vekemans
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Sophia Skiffington I absolutely loved it! I personally like it much better than Eleanor & Park and The Fault In Our Stars, although I enjoyed those books as well.
Winnie Much, much better than The Fault in Our Stars, which I found pretty contrived.
Book_Lover_8 I'd say more than TFIOS, it's a mix between Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska
Regina the fault in our stars is completely different.
Anish i dont know sorry
Jamie I honestly don't think its a good comparison. I questioned whether to buy it or not as well when I heard that it was "similar" to TFIOS and Eleanor & Park (which are two of my very favourite books). But I'm glad that I didn't and I read a library copy first. Which I would advise if you're still unsure. If you end of loving it you can buy it later but if you don't you saved yourself a couple bucks and some space on your bookshelf.
I definitely think its worth reading, but to answer your question. Overrated? A bit.
Ghenwa Hayek Well, I personally found it MUCH better than both Eleanor And Park and TFIOS, it is pretty unique and the character Theodore finch is pretty attaching. It is so well written and awesomely interpreted. And I'm talking from experience I'm a big reader and I've seen and read a lot so take it from me, it is better than E&P and TFIOS, give it a go!

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After_all_this_time People are saying it's like TFIOS and Eleanor & Park but it TOTALLY different !!!! So to answer you question you should buy it, it's beautifully and amazingly written . :)
Marlene It is in no way overrated in mind it was heart wrenching yes but you grow to like the characters hell I adored Finch because when you read his side you can see how hard he tries to fight the depression and it's quite easy to see he has bi polar if you know anything about it, but he doesn't let it control him. He wants to be happy he sees the world in such a way that it's beautiful and not the sad places it can be. Yes there are funny parts but I think that makes it all the better because a book that can make you laugh when it shows such clarity into the mind of someone depressed is amazing, he'll it shows that your not always sad when you have depression it shows that you have days when your on top of the world but also how hard it is when that depression hits again.
Brew Much different than those books. Worth buying!
Janine I really don't think it's similar to either one. I felt All the Bright Places was MUCH less contrived than TFIOS (and I love TFIOS), and felt that it had a very different message. It's not about the love story (although that is there), it's about these two broken people coming together and trying to put themselves back together.
Katherine I read all three books (and didn't buy any of them - got them from the library :) ) and I think they are all great books. I can see the comparisons because of the quirky teen protagonists and style of writing, but I think all three books stand alone on their own merits.
Camillia (Twenty Three Pages) It is better then TFIOS and probably very slightly below or on par with Eleanor and Park.
Ranjani Some people consider it an overrated book, but just because it has been compared to TFIOS does not mean it is. I loved this book and still do. It's completely worth buying.
St. Gerard Expectant Mothers That's hard to say. We would assume that all teen angst books would be overrated but again that's a matter of opinion. I've enjoyed Fault in Our Stars and Eleanor & Park but I wasn't wowed by any of them. Then again, I'm in the older male demographic and don't buy into any convincing teen romances even though I have to review them for our indie bookstore. I look more into the characters and storyline. Yes, it's dark but I found the two characters Finch and Violet appealing. Despite the sad undertone, the pair make light of their situation and even add a little humor which I appreciate. Certainly, some readers are not going to like it while others might. Again, it depends on your preference and what you prefer to read.
ariel Yes it is, I mean if u don't want to buy it u can just get it from the library, I don't think this book should be compared to the fault in our stars, but the comparison between Eleanor and and park and this book is good. This is an amazing and sad book, but I really recommend that u read it
Jennifer It is definitely worth the buy! I flew through this and loved it! :)
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