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I'm currently reading this book and I'm having trouble placing all the landmarks b/c that author doesn't reference present-day locations. Anybody know of a map that shows the locations referenced?

Tarah Hi- 2 years late, but I had the same question (so maybe you'll get the update that I've responded). I had serious problems placing events (being both generally bad at geography and at remembering things). So I went through and MADE annotations to maps wherever I could. I've shared it on a Google Doc. If folks find any others, please let me know!
Betsy Johnson I recently discovered the Indians of North America map offered as a bonus paper poster inside the cover of the The World of the American Indian, a book published by National Geographic Society in 1974. This map may have been a direct response to Dee Brown's book, and is extremely useful in following his recounting of Indian History. Color-coded and overlaid on a United States map, it makes my reading so much more clear, and even more heartbreaking, as I trace the miserable path of "manifest destiny". National Geographic archives may be your best resource for locating this old map.
Jonathan Zausmer Exactly my opinion too. Absolute necessity to add maps and locations. A new edition would have been enhanced greatly by placement of historical maps set behind known locations today. One would need at least three or four time frames to illustrate how those maps change, with extensive annotation. Without that visual infographic data, the book lacks a current reader's needs despite the extensive research.
Janie Agee I live in Arkansas but lived in south central Oregon for a few months. During that time I visited Lava Beds National Monument in northern California where Captain Jack and the Modocs had their battle with the U.S. cavalry. This area is so wild, secluded and beautiful. The self guided tour about Captain Jack started me reading about the battles to remove native tribes from their lands. It's not the history we were taught in school.
Dimana I am not even from the States and I also struggle with the location (it's fair to say I'm very familiar with the US' geography).. Thanks to Tarah for sharing her file
Kathy i agree. i'm having a problem visualizing the locations. i'm also reading Louise Erdrich. Also about native Americans. Location is not as important but it is in North Dakota so I have some idea. I'm very frustrated though with Bury my Heart because of the lack of maps
Sharon I recommend the Illustrated 40th Anniversary Edition published in 2009 by Sterling Innovation. It contains illustrations, supplemental texts and some maps. You also need a good U.S. map at your side to reference as you read. I bought the Sterling edition used from ABE for about 13 bucks.
Richard Taylor I had this for years (since about 1970) and finally my son and I read it. The lack of locations is problematic. I am in NZ but maps show some areas. I had a fair idea of where the Comanches etc were and those in the North. There are generic similarities to this history and tragedy of the process of settlement etc throughout the world. Where I live treaties etc were broken, land taken, in the Pacific (the Babanaban people lost their land and their language and were nearly exterminated) Africa (where Roger Casement who knew Conrad was active), the US in the Phillipines, the French, British, Spanish, Portuguese. But Bury My Heart is almost essential reading. But back to maps, there are so many books on places and events with no, or insufficient maps. I find that a lot.
Michael Pratt Reading on my Kindle. So I can use my word check to find most locations. Plus just took trip through the lower Dakotas, Colo, Texas etc.
Juliana I think the Music can lead people to the knowledge of the Land too.
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