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Has anyone read this book? Essentialism by Greg McKeown. I'd like to know what others think of it.

Lino Matteo If you find yourself with a lack of time for things like sleep, food, family and reading this book...this book is a game changer. An excellent addition to my #KISS library
Deborah Munoz-chacon Excellent book about cutting out the excess and the unimportant. It helps to bring the important things into focus. I found this book very helpful.
Kostapappas Cut the distractions, add routines, and say No often. But in your case ... yes it's a very good book to start your self-development journey.
sung kim I've been told that American self-development books are just quick fixes that works only temporarily.
I got more out of this book than many other books I've read so far. It's just an eye-opener from the beginning (for me, it opened my eyes in chapter 2)
Ivan Ievlev Awesome 5 stars book. If you have any thought that it might be helpful for you - it definitely would. Interesting to read and huge impact to daily life. Helps to rid of all the garbage we are doing every day and focus on the few thing which are really matter.
Jason VanOrden I recommend this book if you have a hard time saying no to thing, find that you chronicall overfill your plate, feel like there is never enough time to get everything done and would like to take on a more mindful approach to your work. I found it helpful. I plan on reading 'The Power of No' by James and Claudia Altucher next.

My review will give you more insight into what I got out of 'Essentialism.'

Kallie Arroyo I love this book, I'm a mentor for Health Coaches. I work with a group of amazing and passionate coaches who want to make an impact on the world. As they try to create an online business from scratch there are so many things they can or even should be doing, but there isn't enough time to do all the work of building a business and supporting clients at the same time. I've used many of the ideas in this book to help them slow down and select which tasks are going to get them the best results now and what can be put off to later.
Diana I am halfway through the book and am enjoying it. McKeown's perspective is refreshing and his delivery of content is easy. It is a must read and keep. I have a feeling I will return to this book often as years go by.
C Wonderful book that explains the fine difference of being a essentialistand non-essentialist. I would say a must read.
Dwayne It's not marketed as such but its a book for really, people pleasers... plain and simple.
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