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Is this the last of the series?

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Owen Wears It should have been.
Bill Noble I have read all of the Robicheaux series, once I found them. I have looked forward to each new book with great anticipation, no doubt as many of you have also done. I've enjoyed the Hockberry and Billy Bob Holland series as well, to fill in until a new Robicheaux novel was released.

I am sad to think this, but I believe Dave and Clete may have partnered their last romp together. All fiction writers, especially the great ones like Mr. Burke, have license to adjust reality to their liking in their books.

But time catches up to us all, including Mr. Burke,who I think is about 78 years old. I hope he lives and writes until he is 90+ years old. However, he has dated his favorite characters, by their Vietnam service to be approximately 66-68 years old in this novel. How long are sheriff detectives allowed to stay on the job? How long do PI's continue to be licensed, even in small southern states like Louisiana?How long can the "Boppsey Twins of Homicide" continue to boogie as Dave and Clete have been doing all these years?

Clete is seriously wounded, and takes many months to recover. In the riotous last chapter, a seriously wounded Clete tells Dave to "Get going. I'll slow them up". Dave responds "that's not going to happen, Clete. Get up". Dave pulls him up and says" You're going with me, or we're going out together..... ....we'll cut them to pieces". Clete, with the love he holds for Dave (which is entirely mutual) through out their life long partnership, gets up, and says "Let's rock". They march through the trees, and Clete finally has to rest, saying "let me go, Dave, I'll be all right.......I've never felt this tired". Clete is having more mental lapses of reality, thinking he is fighting in Vietnam. He has been experiencing these mental lapses more often over the last several books.

In the confrontation scene with Caspian younger, Dave puts Alafair and Gretchen in mortal danger, something he would never have done except he was resigned to death, and oblivious to the harm to his beloved Alafair, and Clete's beloved Gretchen, although they both willingly went with him. Both women were true chips off the ol' block. Bless them for that.

Dave thinks, as he is helping his best friend in the world, Molly notwithstanding, up the hill that he and Clete were like "a couple of vintage low-riders (Harleys) left over from another era",.... Months later, sitting in a hotel near Lake Louise, Dave is thinking " Clete Purcel was amazingly resilient" . Clete says " I'd like to to just sit for a while", followed by a classic simile from Mr. Burke, and then asks Dave, "you think we've done OK with our lives? You think the good out weighs the bad?" Dave responds " that's the way I read it".

I truly hope I am wrong.

Thank you, Mr. Burke for sharing your gifts with us.
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