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Do i need to read a different series before reading this??

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Bailey It helps knowing the characters beforehand, but you don't really HAVE to. For example, I started with the Kel books. (That's Protector of the Small.) It was obvious that there were things I should know from the Alanna and Daine books, but I did okay. You'll be fine if you don't read anything else first, but since we'll be waiting ages for this book, you have time...
The chronology is as follows:
ALANNA: Song of the Lioness series
1. Alanna: The First Adventure
2. In the Hand of the Goddess
3. The Woman Who Rides like a Man
4. Lioness Rampant
(This book will happen somewhere in here, between Alanna and Daine, so really, SOTL is the only one before it, though The Immortals may be helpful too. I couldn't say, because the book isn't published for me to read yet.)
DAINE: The Immortals series
1. Wild Magic
2. Wolf-Speaker
3. Emperor Mage (in this one we get some information on Numair's relationship with some characters from his past, like Emperor Ozorne, Varice Kingsford, and Lindhall Reed.)
4. The Realms of the Gods
KEL: Protector of the Small series
1. First Test
2. Page
3. Squire
4. Lady Knight
ALY: Daughter of the Lioness series
1. Trickster's Choice
2. Trickster's Queen
(There's only two of these, unlike the other series.)
BEKA: this one has a series name but I don't know what it is. It's a prequel to all of this, set about 200 years before it all. It's about an ancestor of George's and more or less outside of the cycle, though we do learn a bit about George as well as Alanna's cat Faithful.)
1. Terrier
2. Bloodhound
3. Mastiff
TORTALL: this is a collection of short stories, some of which are set in Tortall. Just as few little extras.
The bottom line is that it could be helpful to read some of her other series, but likely not necessary. However, I would highly recommend all of the books I listed above. (Tamora Pierce has also written some other books in another world, but personally, I enjoyed the Tortall cycle better than the Emelan cycle.)
Jessica Zhou I would strongly recommend reading the series "The Immortals" (Daine) before reading this, as the characters and story are strongly connected, and this is similar to a prequel or backstory to one of the main characters in The Immortals.

However, as it's a prequel, it means there's no prior backstory you need to know (probably), so just reading this as a standalone should be fine.

However, if you do have the time or is willing to commit, I would strongly recommend you give the whole Tortall series a go, starting from the Song of the Lioness (Alanna). It'll be worth it.
Roxas You do not need to read any other books before reading this one, but if you'd like to feel a connection to the main character (Numair/Arram) before jumping into his past, I would say read the Immortals Quartet for sure.
Emily Not really. There are many different series within the Tortallan universe and while they all interconnect each series has enough story building that you don't need to.

As others mentioned, the original series was Alanna Quarted but I didn't even know about the Tortallan universe until I picked up the the Immortal Quartet. I was bored on a family vacation, saw a big white horse on the cover of a book in a small bookstore, and picked it up. Ever since than I was obsessed with the Tortallan universe. All the books are equally great! Feel free to start with whichever series you want!
Chelsea Elizabeth, you definitely do not have to read other books first, Tempests and Slaughter is a prequel to the Wild Magic Series and would be best to read this first if you don't want to spoil any character surprises later.
Sarahz Since this is a prequel, you don't technically need to read anything else before reading it, but I personally think the first two Tortall quartets are a lot stronger, so I'd recommend reading at least the Immortals one first, since it's where all the characters from this book are first introduced to readers (the part of Tortall that this is a prequel to).
Staticchaos This sounds like a prequel so honestly I'm sure your fine starting off with this and if you like this series and want to see a lot more of the character, then read the immortal's quartet. Each series is written so any new reader can enjoy them.
Morgan It would definitely add to your experience of the book if you start with Alanna to Dane to Kel, etc. but I personally read the Immortal Quartet (Wild Magic/Dane) first and then went back and I understood it fine. But the back story and some of the characters that were in the first series that continued to be in the second I didn't get until I started from the beginning.

I recommend everything from Tamora though so just read it all
Lacey I can't say if it is absolutely necessary for sure, but probably yes. It is best to start with the Lioness Rampant quartet (the first book is Alanna: The First Adventure), then go on to the Immortals quartet (the first book is Wild Magic). In the Immortals you will get to know the main character of this book.
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