Kat asked:

Ooooooh... who's it gonna be. I'm hoping Munro, since Kresley did that prologue about him in the 13th book and I've been waiting for it since. What do you guys think?

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Lb I'm with Jennifer, I think its Kristoff & Furie! The way "Lothaire" ended with Kristoff being vampire-knapped by Lothaire.. ooh...I really want a recap on those negotiations...And Furie *sigh* poor valkyrie has probably lost her ever loving mind...I really really want to read their story!
Nicole Uchtman She's also made a lot of references Furie who's in charge of the Valkyrie. In the last book she actually revealed her location so I think it'll either be about Munro or Furie.... or maybe both!
Sheifali Khare I am waiting for Phoenix... Nixx.. !!
I mean I wanna to know who will be able to manage Nix.. Help her from her insanity.. I clutch my heart in fear that she will turn insane .. Please let it be Nix.. With someone soo amazing that I am left speechless...
Hailey Peterson I think it'll be Munro and his gal. Also, I'm in favor of the Furie/Kristoff pairing, because I think we might see Kosmina pair up with Salem. Or Cara with her human. KC likes to have at least one of her love interests experienced in matters having to do with sex, so I doubt we'll see Kristoff/Kosmina. Plus isn't one of the Dacians also blooded, besides Lothaire and Trehan? I think I remember that from Lothaire's book... Or you never know, could be Morgana and Nereus, though she'd be bowlegged for the rest of her life!

BTW, what happened to Annika?
Carmen I'm hoping it's Munro too! Especially with the way the prologue ended.
☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾ I think it is going to be Munro, but I am increasingly skeptical it is coming out this year. The "last-day-of-2015" date is suspect (I've noticed they're usually released on Tuesdays) and no blurb, no news... We may be waiting a bit :(
Sefer I hope it's Munro's story too! (Lykae Team!)
But I read some comments and some readers are expecting Furie/Kristoff' story ! For some reason, I can't picture them together at all.
P.S : IMO, Kosmina and Salem would make an awesome couple.

Jeremiah I'm hoping that it's Munro. I want to know how that ends up.
Emily Isn't Nix going for godhood? Do gods have mates? Though I would like to see the crazy bastard who can tame all of that.
We know Monroe has his mate because he and to kill her to turn her, but it would be nice to know if the change took and if she can control it and her overall character background. My question is: What's going to happen with Commander Webb ( Crazy Order Leader)? He's now immortal and still trying to go after the lore. Is he a new enemy? So many questions!!!
siriusedward Oh...I liked that scene where lothaire vampirenaps kristoff....
Then there is Munro...
Then furie....
Lots of threads hanging ......
Lots of books to come....

Did not like lanthe much....
Uilleam should have groveled more
So should have Bowen....I did like the stories though....
Eden Jimeno I think it will be munro, but I'm hoping for cara and the human.
Shawn Hilton I actually think furie because of the red feather on the females face
K-Gorgeous I think that seeing the cover there's a big chance that it will be Furie's book.
I also think that maybe her hero will be the 'being' that escaped the belly of the beast in Dark Skye. Aside from that I can't picture Furie with any body else that has appeared in the series so far.
Kat I am rooting for Furie and Kristoff!! I been waiting for her since she book 1!
Elizabeth H. I honestly don't know! I was for sure Lanthe and Thronos's book was going to be next once and then it turned out to be MacRieve's so I have no clue! I hope she tells us soon though because the suspense is killing me!
Kahla I'm wondering if it will be kristoff and kosmina? There hasn't been a book about a full blood female vamp yet so that would be interesting.
Antoinette guess at the genre .. ;)
Sarah I'm hoping for Kristoff but not with Furie ew. I'm actually dreading Furie's book since she will be pissed off and insane. I'm getting pretty sick of pissed off and insane protagonists.
Ikku Summers Kristoff and Furie please!
Jennifer I'm thinking Furie and Kristoff definitely, since how Lothaire ended and and how Furies location was revealed in the last book.
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