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Have you lost interest? I have lost interest too. I will not finish it.

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Primerofin I finished the book - but it frequently slowed down.

I liked the concept and details of this book.

However, I thought the style/structure made the story too slow and boring.

The book is nearly entirely told via people reading something - letters, post cards, ridiculously detailed notes that people seem to have time and effort and skill to write even when in danger.

This approach was a creative idea - but ultimately it turned all 'action' into 'history'. I guess that's why its called the historian and I guess that's why many people find history boring. It's not the content that is boring it's the style of story telling.

I gave this book 3 stars - it could have been 5 stars with another (even conventional) style of story telling.
Arp I'm thinking of dropping it. Stoker told his tale through diaries, journals & whatnot & it was way better paced than this. The writing is needlessly verbose as well.
Donie Nelson Life is too short to continue reading a book that is still boring after 50 pages. And why would a concerned father allow his teenage daughter to get involved in a mystery that killed a close friend. No logic.
John Thank you all! Now I don't feel so bad about adding this book to my DNF pile after reading your comments. This book had everything I wanted except the ability to hold my attention!
Valeriana Had high hopes about this but didn't finnish it. Very creative story telling but boring.
Joy I've tried to read this book twice, but I'm bored to tears! I made it to chapter 15 this time. I tried....
Elaine Marini I lost interest and put it down to read two others. May pick it up again..or may not.
Mary This book was very slow paced. I thought that all they did was eat. I finished itjust like some meals it was ok but not memorable.
Lisa Didn't finish. Put it on my Never Finished shelf.
Simon Lister I am sad to say that I lost interest. I tried to like this book as the story of Dracula is one of my all time favourites. Unfortunately no matter how I tried I did not feel invested in the characters and I felt no real sense of excitement or suspense as the plot unfolded... in the end I was hoping that they would all get run over by a bus in order to bring about a timely end to the whole thing.
Rosalia Thnak you all for these insighful comments, because I read 120 pages and I'm sooooo bored, but I wanted to know if it got better, but I see it doesn't, so I'm gonna leave it and read something that exites me more.
Kristen I made myself finish it. Once I start a book, even if I'm not enjoying it, I feel compelled to finish. The optimist in me wants to believe that it will get better.
Vaishali Muzumdar I like this book seem interesting I like vampire, werewolf sort of fiction & it is not history actually & truthfully I don't even want it to be human history I mean I like my grandfather's normal history as accountant & truly prefer it so for change it is nice to read fiction which truly far away from truth since in history in world war 2 might have few horrible chapters like Dracula but I don't want to mention them since luckily it is not in my history we have British rule which have it's worst chapter too but my grandfather didn't want me to remember them he prefer this fictional history since that argument is over forgive and forget best motto so I like fictional history
Ami I am out of cares on what happens with this book. I made it half way through and I just felt so MEH and bored. Loved the idea for the plot, and I love history, but it just felt like too much was crammed into this story. I think I would have enjoyed it better if we had just followed the dad's search for his missing mentor or the unnamed daughter searching for her missing dead. Both stories going on at the same time just wasn't working for me. I was 11 hours in on the audio book and I just did not want to spend the rest of the 26 hours listening to a book I felt so meh about when I could be reading something that was entertaining me.
Erin Harrington I did... for years... but then picked it up again and finished it and am glad I did.
Olga It was. due back to the library. It did not grab me like I thought. I read a quarter of the way.
Deb I'm about 100 pages in and very glad now that I didn't give up despite a slow beginning. I love history and I am enjoying all of the details about the cities they visited. I love a good horror story and appreciate how the vampire story is unfolding. Mostly, I think, I much appreciate a strong young female character and her coming of age through uncovering the mystery.
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