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I am a good way through this book and I am finding it tedious. Do I continue?

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Sandra Durkee I know I am late to the game on this but I wanted to add my thoughts on whether to quit or not. I am 62 but long ago, I worked with a woman who loved to read so we always talked about books we had read. She would ask what I was reading and if I was enjoying the book. When I told her I wasn't she would ask why did I continue. I told her I am not a quitter. She said, do you read for enjoyment? Yes, I said. But if you are not enjoying the book, why continue, she would ask. So one day she told me that since there are soooo many good books in the world, read to page 100 and if you can't get into it or are not enjoying it, put it down and move on. That is what I do now and I feel great about it. So try that Laun!.
Emma I had exactly the same mental block. I saw the ending coming, did finish it, but wish I hadn't bothered starting it.
Harry At first I found this book to be somewhat irritating due to a virtual bombardment of witty cliches and corny jokes. But as I continued to read I began to feel empathy for the main character. Much of what was written regarding this man's (fictional) journey resonated with me. I wonder if this book reflects the feelings of many men in their relationships. A worthwhile read all-in-all after a somewhat tenuous start.
Katie I'm having the same trouble and I'm only on page 57.

I'm finding it very hard to get into and I also hate giving up on books, but I think I might give in already. :(
Nicola Keep going as it is worth getting to the end but I know what you mean. I have just finished it and was a bit disappointed. tI is no way better than One Day which was suggested by the Sunday Times.
Kt when I turned 69 years old I had a change in my life . I decided life was too short to waste on books I didn't enjoy . So many great books out there.
If a book does not get to me by page 69 - I give it a big miss.
Move On !!
Calen I really hate to quit a book but I just couldn't do it (made it to page 185). The end of the book has a summary about 10 pages long that was the perfect conclusion for me - read that and then find a new book you enjoy.
Stacey Sorry to say I gave up on it. I hate leaving things unfinished, but I just couldn't get into it. A lot of the British/English lingo was lost on me too.
Ang It rarely takes me this long to read a book (two week) but I struggled with this one. It took so long to get going and was too easy to put down. But I stuck with it and when it did get going it was worth it. After how I loved One Day I expected so much more from Us.
Marcelo Borges Yes, you should continue reading this book. I know that in the beginning it gets a little boring, but try to analyse the main idea of the book. Think about how it makes you feel about your relationship and go on because in the end you are going to rate it 5 stars. It worth it. Don't give up now.
Susan Senior
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Louise I feel exactly the same - I hate giving up on books but cant see where this is going
Donna Boswell No because it is tedious.
Beth I bought Us years ago, only because I enjoyed One Day. But, like many others who have commented here, I really had to push myself to get through this book, and found it very tedious, which is why I only gave it two stars. The main storyline about the relationship between the three main characters was unoriginal and, frankly, boring. The one aspect of the story that held my interest was the commentary on the different cities that they traveled to. Other than that, it seemed like this story contained a lot of "filler" material and, with a good editor, could've been much shorter. Often, I've read novels where I have to push myself through the first 100 pages or so, to get to the point where I become invested in finding out the outcome. Unfortunately, in the case of Us, I never reached that point.
Jules I also found this tedious in the first half. For me personally then the second half was better and it was worth finishing the book.
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