Nameابوبكر الجاك

Is this book is worth to be red?

Mik It's a little heavy on the religious side and he really wants you to share the book. But Gary has some good points otherwise.
Kelly Kellett This is an insightful book. Very helpful for understanding how love can be miscommunicated and how to fix it.
Melinda Definitely worth the read! The greatest book 'The Bible' says "My people perish for lack of knowledge" and I truly believe this book shed light on the miscommunication of LOVE.
Bryce I read this book and found myself telling my wife so much of it that I finally handed her the book and we ended up both reading it. As a result, we've had a better vocabulary for expressing ourselves regarding what we recognized were attempts to show love and how we wanted to receive love. It really helped us be happier in our marriage and in our other relationships.
Areshand I am half way through it now and found it to be informative. I am more aware of the differences in the ways that people express and receive love.
We keep talking about love. But love is such an abstract concept and means different things for different people. Treating people in the way that we think love is may not work well.
Amer Swedeh I've enjoyed it though I'm single. I strongly recommend it for couples.
M. I believe it is worth it. I am half way through it and I enjoy it!
Jan Mullady We read this book and it was ok! Nothing you probably don't already know if you have a loving heart and common sense!
Erginero Absolutely, especially if you are looking to improve your relationship with your spouse/partner.
CJO No ... that's why it has a paltry 4.25 rating. Any more intelligent questions dear rocket scientist?
Forked Radish Not unless you want to fill your "love tank" with Nascar nation snake oil.
Larkins Dsouza Definitely worth the read especially for young people
Atiya Usmani Yes it is. It helped me personally
Jenny Gargarello I think this book is a worthwhile read. I have read it twice now, and I learned something each time. Not only does it help you express love to your mate better, it helps you to understand how they are expressing love to you.
Jay K I am currently reading this book. You might find some parts you've already heard or read from somewhere. However, i think it is worth to read.
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