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Is this a good book? For what ages? And what books is this one like ("The 5th Wave"?)

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Debbie Guzzi I agree with David this book can easily be read by teens. The author is though, presenting highly moral dilemmas [genetic manipulation-birth control-genocide-what it means to be human] , even if it is not clear he is doing that until you have read a half dozen of his books. There is plenty for girls to be interested in, the relationship between men & women is discussed through an exploration of what family means. The main character has a very strong relationship with his sister.
Timothy Morrison Yes, even though the kids don't exactly seem like kids
Geneva Millikan Pretty much any age group is suitable, though there is some questionable language and mild violence. It is not a book for beginners because it is hard to comprehend if you don't have an extensive vocabulary.
LilyCat (Agent of SHIELD)-- on hiatus :( I liked it. It was definitely written in an older style- the plot progresses more slowly and takes place over several years, from age 6 to Ender's early teenage years (unlike Harry Potter, where each year is a book). And in my opinion, it isn't like the 5th wave. In The 5th Wave, the aliens are in attack as the events of the book happens, and it's a post apocalyptic-- most people are dead, order has crumbled, survivors search desperately for resources. Ender's Game has a more optimistic future similar to the present-- the world has political order and world peace, the aliens have been kept away from earth, and technology is more advanced. Besides the attacking aliens thing, Ender's Game is more of a classic space/aliens sci-fi, while The 5th Wave is more post-apocalyptic.

Plus, in Ender's Game, you can actually sympathize with the aliens due to developments later in the book, but (although I have not finished, so I don't know) in The 5th Wave, the aliens are ruthless killers who want the habitable planets for themselves, much like the humans in Ender's Game.
lily Thanks everyone! I might pick it up, probably later though!
Avaminn F'nett I read it when I was around 10. It depends on the kid, but 12+ is definitely okay.
Fairuza Razak It's a really good book, and I think this is for 12+ ages. I get the science-fiction very well, and the characters are quite powerful, especially Ender.
Del This book has a lot of bad language. Sure if you look past the language it is a really good storyline but I couldn't finish the book.
Dávid It's a really good book - not everyone's cup of tea but that's just how things usually are.

I would say that it can be read and enjoyed as a YA book from an age of ~13-14 (it has a good pace, action, some nice twists in the plot - not a Harry Potter but it works as a YA book pretty well). And some of the themes in the book might be interesting for this younger audience too.
I must note that there is absolutely no romance in it and a big part of the book is descriptions of battle games so teen girls (usually not really hooked on military stuff) are more likely to find these parts repetitive and boring.

However, even though the book can be read as YA, actually it is much more geared toward to more mature and experienced readers. Adult readers with their broader knowledge and experience (e.g. with more background on the history of the 20th century, WW2, cold war) can find much more themes of the book they can relate and on much more levels. They can understand much more of what happens under the guise of the battle games. They won't necesarrily - people relate to different things - but to have the chance you need background and experience.

what books is this one like?

For me, it made me think of Crime and Punishment in some aspects (certainly not the writting stlye but the two books have some really nice parallels ) - but I think I'm pretty much alone with this:)
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