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Does anyone prefer bloodlines to vampire academy? Because when I found out she was writing from Sydney's povnat first I probably I wouldn't bother because I found her dull, but I actually love them, more then vampire academy

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Tara It's so nice to know I'm not alone! I usually don't read spin-off series and, like you, wasn't at all excited. But I so enjoyed reading from Sydney's point of view and Adrian is absolutely fantastic! I also really liked having Eddie as a bigger part of the story. As of right now, I'd say this is my new favorite series. I've read everything but The Ruby Circle at least twice.
Alissa Helander I love Vampire Academy, and I didn't pick up the Bloodlines series for awhile because I didn't care for Sydney in VA and thought they would be boring. WRONG! VA is so fun but Sydney's character growth in the series is phenomenal. I've also found that Sydney is more likable and relatable (I have some problems with Rose's actions in VA regarding how she treats and uses people, especially Adrian.) Sydney and Adrian's relationship is fantastic. They unconditionally love and support one another. They argue, but it's usually born out of love and not over petty shit. They see the best in each other and really force that potential in each other out.
Shannon Bloodlines is definitely my favorite, personally, because I feel more of a connection to the characters, and I love seeing Adrian grow so much from VA to Bloodlines. Also, it's really interesting to see the VA world from a whole different perspective... That being said, I love BOTH series, and I have a lot of friends who like VA more, and that's okay! I only get frustrated when people say that they're not going to try reading Bloodlines because they don't like Sydney. Bloodlines is all about Sydney's transformation, and it seems ridiculous to just write it off based on how she is in the beginning. Readers who do this don't know what they're missing!
Sydney Sage I can't agree more.
I was as full of doubts as you were,but when I finished The Golden Lily...I've found myself in love with Sydrian. I mean, TVA was hilarious and full of action,and Rose and Dimitri were awesome,but somehow I've enjoyed Bloodlines more. It was probably because of Adrian,because he is so sweet and lovable and witty.I also find Sydney much closer to me and my personality.
The main thing I love about Bloodlines is that progress of Sydney and Adrian as persons that is showing trough the books.
In a nutshell,I love Bloodlines too.
Hollie Bloodlines is my favorite of the two. I loved Vampire Academy, and still love it, but I related more to the characters in Bloodlines and the challenges they had to go through. For me, it was more personal in Bloodlines than Vampire Academy. The focus was on character growth more than plot growth which I enjoyed. Focused on aspects that weren't up front like Vampire Academy did. Everyone always assumes that Vampires are the most important part of a vampiric culture and while that is technically true there are other aspects that Bloodlines explored which I thoroughly enjoyed. Also Sydrian was the perfect story book romance!!!! Real and true and it grew with each individual and it was hard, it wasn't easy to reconcile their pasts and beliefs and everything else. There is also the fact that while Sydrian was a large part it wasn't the only part the book was focused on, especially in the beginning, which was a nice change.
Annexmarijn I love the bloodlines series way more thatn VA. I am totally in love with the caracters in the bloodlines series. Especially the amazing Sydrian romance♥♥
Karune I didn't want to read Bloodlines AT ALL! I thought it would be dull and boring compared to VA and I didn't want to ruin my opinion of the VA world. I'm sooo happy I read it! I LOVE Bloodlines WAY more than I love VA.

I love the characters more. I think Sydney, Adrian, Jill and Angeline are better characters. We get more Eddie! He's my 2nd favorite character in the Bloodlines series!

I actually relate to Sydney! Rose was an amazing character but I could never relate to her.

Don't kill me. I never liked Lisa! Her character annoyed me since the first Vampire Academy book. Thank god she isn't in Bloodlines as much!

It's been a few months since I've finished Silver Shadows and I still haven't read The Ruby Circle because I'm not prepared to finish such a great book series.

Irina I do love Bloodlines way more than VA. I didn't really feel connected to Rose - had quite a few problems with her regarding how she treats people. Adrian and Sydney, on other hand, are fantastic characters with great chemistry.
Stephi ♥ HELL YES I LIVED BLOODLINES A MILLION TIMES MORE THAN VA. Not sure why so much... :P But yeah Bloodlines are some f my favourite-est books ever and I own them all but I've only read VA a couple of times... :P
Gracie I actually started the bloodlines series first, I read the first 2, got curious about VA, and I did not care for it. I did not like Rose/ Demi at all .. I read them all just so I could find out when Sydney came into the picture...
rebecca Winchester bloodlines is muuuuch better! i relate to sidney much more than rose
Dyanna I agree with you ! I liked VA but Bloodlines make me fall in love especially the relationship between Sydney and Adrian who in my point of view had more substance. What I liked more about this relationship is the trust in each other and that they changed the other making them a better person
Brittany Conkling I like Bloodlines more than I like VA =) I think it is because the maturity level is higher due to Sydney's age and training, while Rose and Lissa were young when VA started.
Dhvani Definitely. The difference between why I liked both series was because VA I was focused on what was happening rather that on Romitri and even after I read it while the books were my favourite(2nd favourite after Bloodlines) the couple didn't make it onto my favourite couples list but Bloodlines, I fell in love with both Sydrian and the story.
Sad I definitely prefer the bloodlines series to vampire academy.
yasi farrokhi at first i couldn't bring myself to read it because i particularly liked rose's POV but then i kind of got into it after the second book it was way better than vampire academy in my experience.
Catjubs I think I prefer them to vampire academy too! Hard to compare bc the world is pretty much set up in VA, but then BL explores the alchemist world, too. And the human magical world. The storyline felt richer and deeper from Sydney's perspective.

I attribute some of it to Mead's writing being more mature by the time she'd set down to write BL, but woooow. Loved it so much!
Hurricane_ReD I completely agree...but I also believe that Bloodlines means more to me BECAUSE I enjoyed Vampire Academy so much.
Ayame I actually hated Vampire Academy. The plot was very obvious and repeated. I laterally figured out the what is going to happen after finishing the first book!!
However,I finished the whole series just because I fell heads over heals for Adrian Ivashkov!! and so I continued the Bloodline series which I fell in love with and found it more awesome and thrilling and breathtaking!! highly recommend it to every one>
Mayyah Herzi Just started reading Bloodlines ,but I'm not sure ANYTHING is better then VA
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