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I have now words to explain how UNtrue the content of this book. It is completely and utterly false. The author has a completely bias outlook on the religion as a whole and about Prophet Mohammad. I would not recommend reading this fabricated book. ?

F.W. Burleigh Perhaps you overlooked the chapter notes: 47 pages of references to the original Islamic literature, including the Koran. These include the biography of Muhammad by Ibn Ishaq, the history of al-Tabari, the book of Muhammad's battles and raids by al-Waqidi and the biographical works of his student ibn Sad; they include the Koran commentary of ibn Kathir and his biography of Muhammad; they include the complete collections of traditions of Muslim, al-Bukhari, abu Dawud, and many more sources considered authentic by Islamic scholars. The book is based on these sources. If these sources are false, then the book is false. Even falser then would be Islam, since it rests on these sources.
Frederick Rotzien This book maybe the most important book in the last 100 years in relationship to what's going on today. This is a weapon within reach of everyone to counter what's out there that is nonsense about MUHAMMAD and the Koran.
I have checked out some of the references that F.W Burleigh used for this book and found them very reliable.
This book has more power to defeat islam ....then any army..The TRUTH
James A. Wrong, Sarah. Read more. With 48 pages of credible sources, FW breaths fresh air and daylight into this horrible fraud. I suggest you start with Fouad Ajami, the sprinkle a little of Robert Spencer in for real "flavor!"
Waqar Azeem Another pseudo-scholar, whose anti-Islamic agenda is clear even before one opens a page of this pathetic attempt of a book with the title "notorious Prophet." No wonder it is being heavily promoted on right-wing, Anti-Muslim web sites and hate radio.

If you are looking for a serious scholarly understanding of who is Muhammad and an unbiased look into his life I'd recommend Muhammad a biography by Martin Lings an actual British scholar who actually spoke the Arabic language of the earliest manuscripts.

If you are looking for an agenda driven diatribe and a non peer-reviewed book from unserious pseudo-scholar and are ok with parting with your hard earned money, this book might tickle your fancy otherwise there are plenty of good books about Islams founder by acutal well-respected scholars.
Mohammed Totally agree this is basically propaganda. The author states his evidence is the Koran? Where is Mohammed childhood mentioned in the Koran? In fact as a Islamic historian I can say we have no detailed reliable records of his childhood unless the author has perhaps fabricated some. Muhammad did not suffer seizures, this is something new to me but then I would expect nothing less from a bigoted American who's view on the world is seen through the eyes of The American Sniper no doubt.
George Hong hey there sarah. what are the objective facts about islam and muhammad that non-believers can accept? forget about being offended. if you were trying to convince a king to accept islam as a state religion how would you distinguish it from other religions? telling the king that he would appreciate islam better if he was fluent in arabic is not going to convince him. you are going to have to present moral values that are different and better than moral values from other beliefs.
Don Incognito That's not a question. If you want to disguise a polemic as a question by slapping a question mark on the end, go to Yahoo Answers.
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