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Should I read this book? Will this be a easy read like other JRRT works? (fyi.. i have already read LOTRs & Hobbit)

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Helena Aeberli It's certainly not what I would call a very easy read, The Hobbit is a kids book, and LoTR is, as you say, fairly easy for anyone.
The plot of CoH is a little harder to understand, and I would recommend reading The Silmarillion first, to get a better grasp of the complex mythology, and who the characters are etc. The Silmarillion also has an abridged version of CoH in it, so that's probably a better bet, though some of the other stuff is a little hard to get.

All in all, eventually, yes. CoH broke my heart, had me certain what would come next and is a worthwhile read for and Tolkien fan! Hope I helped!
Sofisol I was given this book for my birthday after I had only read lotr, and I read it without much expectations, because even though I had liked Lord of the Rings, I knew nothing about this book, or its characters. However, while I read it I started to like it, and it only got more interesting with each chapter. I don't know if it is an "easy read", but I had no problems reading it and it's not very long. However, it was far more tragic than anything I could have expected from Tolkien. If you wouldn't mind that and are interested in reading more about Middle Earth, then I think yes, you should read it.
S.A. Felix I'd prefer the audiobook. Christopher Lee's voice will keep you focused on the story.
Jesse You should certainly familiarize yourself with Tolkien's myths and the literary traditions he is borrowing from. There is an excellent (quite amazing really for any Tolkien fan) compendium on the man and his works that is more in the style of an "Art book" by Cathy Mcllwaine. Short of that, read the Nordic Prose Edda/Voluspa and or any Greek/Roman/Christianity myths. He uses the myths of Odysseus/ Demeter/Persephone quite often like you see with Beren and Luthien as star-crossed lovers.
George It's a tragedy by the strict definition: A flawed hero falls, we feel pity and terror, and come to catharsis. I don't see how I could ever call any tragedy "an easy read"--and I certainly wouldn't characterize LoTR as such, either. In any case, I had no trouble at all following the plot of The Children.

Side note: I don't recommend to anyone they read the Silmarillion; Christopher Tolkien made that nearly unreadable, to my mind. I suspect that partly motivated the History of Middle Earth series: to do a better version of what was botched in the Silmarillion. If the academic apparatus of those doesn't put you off, they're far more enjoyable than that earlier compilation.
Yanett Aris this book is amazing , i just loved it
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