Mishal asked:

Why is she forty and acting like she is twenty five ?????????

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Eva You think she's acting like 25? To me it's more like 15. I mean, spit balls? Come on, the last time I did that, I was thirteen.
The first time it was mentioned she was 40, I was shocked. I was sure it was a mistake, but no. She really is.
This was just one of many things in the book, that didn't really make sense. That Lucien was a jerk didn't help either. But what can you expect from an 800+ years old guy who is attracted to a perpetual teenager?
Kimmarie KA often has the age of her heroine's much much older than the way they act. I just now disregard the age she gives them in my head, and assign them in their early twenties.
The Window Seat Agree completely. Does this book get better? I was fine with it when I was thinking she was a 25 year old. Then, she was sassy and defiant in a good way. At 40, I just want to say grow up! And why did Lucien wait til she was 40? And the other Uninitiated? The ones at the Selection in prom gowns?? Were THEY in their 40s?????
MJ Not the answer, but yeah, I'm in the first 100pgs now and keep getting thrown with the age thing. She's acting like a teenager, but then he's been waiting for decades, so fine she's in her 20's right? No, she's 40. Her mums in her sixties and she did 7yrs with Cosmo... So assuming they all come in around 40, that leaves Leah around 20 when mum got drafted... who's the daddies to all these boys and girls? They either just 'donate' their DNA, or are ok with their partners 'taking one for the team'. she also said she had to tell her mates she was going to e out of circulation... how do they work that out in the real world?
Buk A Hahaha The only way I got through this book, was by pretending she was 20yrs old. It helped me greatly!
Asteropê Something I'd like to know. I mentioned that in my review, actually. I really thought, given our intro of the character, that she was in her early 20s. I was rather surprised to discover she was older. Didn't like the immaturity she displayed.
Hannah I'm dying- lol!!! i just reviewed this book, and mentioned my own issue with her age... Coming to find i am SO not alone, gives me such strange joy.
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