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Kayla It depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for a real-life account, a journey of self-discovery, and honesty/truth, then the book is way better.
If you're looking to be entertained by drama, glam, sex, scandal, etc., you'll like the series.
Allison I loved them both in different ways. I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed the book. I loved the serious and found it hysterically funny. The book was not at all comical but I found it extremely interesting. The author was very respectful of all of the inmates she served time with and offered some really good insights into the prison system. She was thoughtful and repentant, but also critical of the alpha-style control exerted over essentially powerless and often pretty pathetic prisoners. The book was well written and (at least in the 2013 edition) she included a good list of resources at the end for those who may have been moved to action by the information presented. You could definitely recognize a lot of the characters from the series, but the show ginned up the stories for comedy and changed some of the outcomes. I appreciate that she never exploited other prisoners' stories to make her book more interesting or funny (the TV episode where Larry published stories she had told him did not happen in the book, and I suspect / hope not in real life either). Strongly recommend.
That like asking "What's better for you, oxygen or water?"


Sorry for being rude, but this is an actual memoir from an actual person, and while the show is loosely based off the book, its for entertainment. This is not to excite people and amuse them, it's to educate them.

So, basically if you want to have fun, go watch the show. If you want to be pleasantly enlightened, read the memoir.
Beth I feel the show is much better. The book seemed long winded and edging on boring because it gets repetitive. That's just my opinion.
Sarah The series will definitely give you more long-term enjoyment as there is much more to take in and ponder, imo. It does a good job getting across many of the points of the book about the nation's incarceration system while also being wildly entertaining.

But, imo, the book is very good and very much so worth reading. The author doesn't evade her crimes, but talks about them honestly.

Book - More serious, very short.
Series - More goes on, amplified, more plot lines.
Jeanne Mixon The series is very women in cages schlocky. The book is very serious and sincere. If you could only do one (why can you only do one?) then I would say go with the book. It has heart and meaning. But the series is its own kind of fun -- just don't think it has anything with what the American prison system is like.
Mr. Andy If you have the time to read the book OR watch the series, I'd recommend finding a Plan C.
Joy The book. While the series does do a good job with some of the story lines, there are some of the typical stereotypes of prison life. The book is more about real-life people dealing with very difficult things. The series is good, but the book is great.
Will Sundance They both offer different insights. The book finishes where the second season ends and is more observations instead of all the drama-rama.
Tabitha Ledferd I absolutely love the show. hated the memoir.
Shay Vande The show, definitely. Way more of the women's perspectives and diversity.
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