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Is there anyone who could give me a semi-detailed review of content that may be seen as inappropriate? Such as language, sexual content, etc.?

Ariana The thing I liked about this book was that it wasn't laden with swearing and sex, like I feel most of these types of books are. There were a couple references to sex: for a chapter she talks about one-night-stands, but she talks about how they're not for her and that the sexiest thing to her is feeling wanted by another person and that she doesn't think that's something that could be achieved after a few drinks. She also talks about her confusion over the word "hook-ups" and is confused about what that means and how its different for each person. I don't think there was a single swear word in the book which I was really happy about. I feel that a lot of comedians rely on using the f-word as often as they can in their writing and it just feels like a lame cop-out to me.
If you're interested in screening the passages about sex I was referring to, in the hard cover version it spans from pages 153-162.
Mary I bought it for my teen daughter who is fifteen. Some coarse language, but really she espouses fairly traditional middle-class values. She's not promiscuous, doesn't understand the appeal of casual sex, respects her parents, and ultimately wants to marry and have a family. She does cop to enjoying her tv make-out scenes, that is as racy as it gets.
Kay In the audio addition she does use the "F-word" a couple of times. Other than that it is pretty decent. When she talks about one night stands she says they are not her thing.
Kristine I don't think there was much if any swearing or descriptive sex scene. She has a chapter on how she does not get the appeal of the one night stand but does not go into details at all. It is a very light and empowering book.
Kristina While I find questions like this so insanely stupid I want to claw my eyes out, I will answer it: there's absolutely no sexual content and very little profanity. Mindy Kaling is charming and weird and her humor is of the good-natured, sweetly amusing kind. I generally prefer my humor to be more edgy, but I genuinely enjoyed this book and Kaling's ability to keep her private life private and still find topics to discuss.
Nguyen Nguyen I did read the book here: http://www.besthumorbooks.com/books/d...

It is very fun :)
Andrew Daniels Its pretty tame
Its no Game of Thrones, more like "Friends"

She's fairly sexually conservative
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by Mindy Kaling (Goodreads Author)
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