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How bad is the swearing in this book?

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Justin This book elevates profanity and vulgarity to an artform.
Rachel Utting "This book elevates profanity and vulgarity to an artform."

The above statement has this book down to a T...

I found the swearing in this series of books, part of its charm (although that doesn't say much about me). I laughed out loud (on a crowded train) on so many occasions whilst reading these books due to the swearing!

Please don`t let this put you off reading the series though, they are truly something special!
Phoghat.com/ Why would this be a concern? Have you lead a sheltered life?
Marianne Aasen This kind of book need a certain amount of swearing to set the mood. And its used in a way that is... let's say entertaining.
Troy Never really noticed the swearing to be honest. Maybe a couple of times it it seemed particularly inventive but overall it was contextual and therefore largely invisible to me.
Nora Sinclair No! Do not listen to what the people above are saying! Because guess what? They are lying. I swear I have not found one unchristian word in this entire book. So go ahead and knock yourself out reading The Lies of Locke Lamora buddy. Trust me on this.
Robbie I'm like halfway through and they don't even say cunt or cock, so he could step up his game a bit. Plenty of fucks and whores though. Not to mention barrels of horse pis full of dead bodies and children being hung off bridges.
Ian I stopped reading within the first few chapters, because the profanity was way too much.
Lina I thought it a bit excessive, setting the mood is one thing but definately too much.
Joshua Loool......Pretty bad, but in context and good humour. No more than in Rik Mayall's "Bottom" series or even "Game of Thrones" to be fair. Locke is definitely no Robin Hood that's for sure. I would definitely class it as a adult fantasy book.
Feste More inventive than my expletives.
David DeMar For any other genre, the amount of swearing in this book would probably be unremarkable. But for a fantasy setting it feels very out of place.
Pj There's a lot at the beginning, but after that when the protagonist is older don't notice it as much. It's there, but it's only off putting for the first section.
Jacinta Thanks for asking, I wanted to know this as well. Not everyone is into reading too much swearing and stuff, and that's ok. It's not like we're forcing everyone else to stop reading it. :)
Catherine Right, I've got some good answers. Thanks very much!
Caustic If I could swear this well, I would never have stopped swearing.
BJ Neilsen I think the better question is how great is the swearing in this book? And yes, the original reply is on point: it is a wonder to behold. :)
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