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Tove Ihler asked:

A russian friend of mine gave me me this book, and said Margarita reminded her of me. So, now I am left to se if I should slap her or hug her :D What do you think?

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Frank Your Majesty, we are charmed! Her Majesty is charmed!
Katarina Zitnjak "So, now I am left to see if I should slap her or hug her."

Oh yeah, you're a Margarita for sure.
Jacquard Causeway slap a russian? not a good idea
Greg You should thank her, she obviously feels you appreciate imaginative works, thought-provoking works. If you normally hug a friend when receiving a gift, a hug is in order. But, of course, you too must respond with a gift. Buy her, too, a book, wrap it beautifully, and add a note that you really enjoyed " The Master and Margariata" and you want your friend to read one of your favorites, and you can't wait to hear what she says about it. The book title that you MUST give your friend? Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake." Call her weekly to ask if she's finished it.
Tom Do what you like!

But I expect she meant it as a compliment...for me, Margarita is a very life-affirming character and one half of a simply superb love story. You must be somewhat similar to invoke such a comment.
Daniela Are you kidding! Who wouldn't want to be a naked goddess flying over Moscow, greeting the notorious undead at Satan's grand ball.
Amy Brady Margarita in my view is both courageous and fearlessly intelligent:) I admire her greatly:)
Alevtina Kashlikova holt To me, Margarita is a representation of love, loyalty, and honor. She is master's proverbial rock. Inspired by the author's wife and Queen Margot. Seems like a flattering observation. But, I doubt Margarita would care much about flattery :)
Dany slap her with one hand and hug her with the other.
William Jack I say give her a great big hug, but watch out for suspicious guests offering ancient wine from an urn.
Cecilie Jøhnk That is a huge compliment.
Margarita is the hero of the book!
Her, and maybe Jesus. Those two.
Margarita is courageous, self-sacrificing, enthusiastic, loving, beautiful, she is righteous, she has the outlook of a cosmopolitan, but is serious and compassionate, as well as passionate. And she keeps a stiff ... no charmingly smiling ... upper lip through the trials she goes through, as long as it is necessary to reach her goal, and save her Master.
Why would you even think of slapping her?
I can't think of one bad thing about Margarita that is bad ... well, maybe she should be more honest to her husband - it is like as if he doesn't even exist. But maybe she doesn't really exist for him either. And also, the Master himself is a chicken and a bore compared to her. So she has a strange taste in men, it seems.
Apart from that, she is everything anyone could wish to be.
Chris Bronson Have you smashed up any apartments of literary critics?
Jeffrey You must be a witch.
Portia Porter Perhaps you should present your Russian friend with The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James, and counter that Isabel reminds you of her?
David Quintero If after reading the book, you didn't know which to do, don't worry about it!
Athena If your answer ends with "I guess," that means the opposite.
Natalia Trofimova Should be proud I guess
Maryana wow, it's a big compliment I guess! :)
Mateja Klaric a huge compliment indeed
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