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I didn't like Crime and Punishment. Should I read this?

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Austin Bruce This book is very different from Crime and Punishment if only for reason that the protagonist is unique and different in character from other Dostoyevsky works.

But the style of dialogue, confusion of entering and exiting characters, each referred to by a few names each, is nothing new, and if you didn't like that in C&P, I kind of doubt you will enjoy it in The Idiot.

I do feel sorry for you though.
Nakiboyevsky if you hadn't liked "Crime and punishment" then you must be an idiot.Therefore,you must read it.Just kidding!!
Perry I say "no," though I hate to discourage anyone. The world of Dostoevsky requires a huge amount of "suspension of disbelief," i.e. it seeming naturalism conceals its fantastical--not to say phantasmagoric--nature. Assorted people clog the narrative, proclaiming every manner of personal eccentricity or surreal turns of event. In the Idiot, for example, Prince Myshkin sees the murderous eyes of his antagonist burning in the dark; the man lurches at him with an intention to kill him and yet they maintain a diabolically close friendship. Characters emerge from nowhere and everywhere and take on a central role. Dostoevsky is not a neat or well organized writer: Prince Myshkin is suddenly and always thereafter referred to by his first name and patronymic, Lev Nikolayavitch, etc. What makes it a great, great book (and it is) is the depth of philosophical and psychological penetration into the characters and their wonderful eccentricity, and the sheer madness of the narrative. Let it take you by surprise without any expectations of a "good read" and your appreciation for and love of literature will grow a thousand-fold!
Jeffrey I enjoyed this book more than Crime and Punishment, but it may have been because I read this one later. There seemed to be less of a drawn out middle portion than C&P had. I really love Dostoevsky's writings so I will highly recommend trying it even if you didn't like Crime and Punishment. They are quite different from each other.
Deepa Ramakrishnan (I cannot see what's so unbelievable in someone disliking something that has been branded as a classic. Well, good for those who liked it. And too bad you didn't!)
That being said, I believe the best way to judge a book is by reading through some random pages in it. If you like what you read (here and) there, go ahead and start reading the book. If you don't, set it aside. Books and the stories they narrate in them are as personal as your sense of style, say. Or your choice of food. Someone may or may not like it. But if you do (or don't), that's just how it is. And anyone with a different opinion has just that: a different opinion. (Oh yes, I might be excited about discussing the book with someone who has enjoyed it as much as I do too.)
Now, as for whether you might like The Idiot or not, it entirely depends on how much you like to read about the complexities of human perceptions. Personally for me, though it is a subject I quite enjoy, there are times it exhausts me, and makes me want to read the book later. And that's happened with The Idiot for me. A couple of times. I have paused it for the moment too. But do I regret picking it up? Oh no!
Chandrajeet Never read a dostoevsky novel if u dint like ' Crime & Punishment ".
That book is a Magnum Opus..
Katerina Id say it depends why you didnt like it.
In this book the "hardness" is sometimes "covered" with a bit of humour. I mean I am Russian and there were things which made me laugh ... But its like "tears through laughing" ....
If you like reading plays it is a good book too.

I suggest you read some 50 pages and you will know.
Mitrix Yes! by all means.
Kunal This book is not for everyone. I read this first when I was 16 and have loved it since and it brings something different every time I read it. This is a very in-toward and stream of consciousness kind of work. It is very dense and goes on for lengths of time into human self-introspection. If you know Dostoevsky's history, he wrote this after having escaped the death sentence in Serbia by a hair and it shows.
Raf No, you should not.
Laurel Lindström No. It is a waste of time and headspace.
Philip Probably not. Neither were terribly good, but Crime & Punishment was better overall, I thought. Both books deal with crazy people doing crazy things, and it just gets a bit grating. The only difference with The Idiot is that this goes on for 600 pages instead of 300.
Dr. Jafarov I say "Yes, yes and yes"
Tri-Dung Nguyen I think you should try. This book about what is a truly beautiful human being.
Vadimas A book of self-reflection on the meaning of life for me
Elkhen So many silly answers here. You totally should try it, it's very different from Crime and Punishment. I love Dostoeyevsky, but C&P is my least favourite of his works.
Haniyeh Mohammadi definitely! This book is amazing! worthy of being read several times!
Farzan Depends as to what you didn't like about C&P....

Antonis yes! yes, and.. yes! you will not regret it.
Bruno Kos Absolutely not, without a doubt.
Lili Fuller Of course you should. Read a book based on its own merits. Plenty of authors have gems as well as duds. Not that I would consider "Crime and Punishment" a dud, because I loved it. There are books by Tom Wolfe I like more than others he has written. At least you know that you are reading great literature, no matter what the era. It's all very subjective.
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