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What precisely is the qualification this man has that permits him to tell us what dead people are thinking? I researched the author and he appears to be a philosopher expanding on his personal opinions with no actual evidence to back himself up.

Jennifer King Nope, this book is not a scientific writing, it is a spiritual work that may help some people who fear death. The way I see it is like this: when you read something (or write it) and it resonates with you, it just "feels" right to you, that is a sign of your "inner guidance" communicating with you & giving you a big thumbs-up. People who are in tune with their inner-guidance (aka intuition), with God or the Angels, or "dead people" are often regarded as weirdos or quacks by the people who are not fully connected with their spiritual side (not meaning religious side, there is a difference). People who have a some connection with what is regarded as the "All-That-Is" might find resonance with this book, whereas people who are focused more so on the concrete material world of touch it, feel it, taste it, prove it might have difficulties with it. Maybe those who see death in a "this-physical-life-is-all-there-is / end-of-everything-forever" kind of way could get some comfort in the reading of this book, and even be willing to look within themselves for other things that just feel right. And feeling good is a very good thing, in my opinion.
Ladory So far, we don't have a lot of evidence for what experience we'll have when we die. However, why subscribe to the basically negative and even fearful interpretations our culture mostly promulgates? Why not subscribe to a joyful interpretation that makes us feel great? There is scientific evidence that feeling great with a positive attitude will extend our physical lives. I have done around 35 meditation intensives (3 to 7 days each time) and learned things internally that are in accord with the interpretations in this book. All religions have taught that life is eternal. I resonate with what's said in this book. Are you so certain that it has nothing to offer you?
Ails Clarke I agree Lissa...I skimmed through the book earlier today in a shop with the intention of buying it and thought 'where's the bit that says he can talk about this subject first-hand because he's one of these people who have 'died' and came back' ? ....don't think I'll buy it now, the cover and back paragraph is very misleading.
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