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Lynette Rall asked:

How did YOU interpret the ending - I have two possible scenarios and my daughter and I cannot come to an agreement. We eould LOVE to have input from other readers! How did you understand the ending?

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Jem Alcala [In the epilogue, the brown eyes of Dee is staring back at Budo after he disappeard] I believe that Imaginary Friends are not just Imaginary Friends but rather Guardian Angels for kids who really needs them.
Alan Smith I saw it that Budo was now "unattached" from Max, who no longer needed him now that he had become more independent - whereas Dee now DID need an imaginary friend, and since there was already an emotional link between them, Budo became attached to Dee. Which kinds of raises the questions: Does your imaginary friend have to be one you create yourself, or can you "inherit" one that's free and floating around looking for a home? And did Budo's friends, like Graham also maybe find new owners to help?
Alena I interpreted it in the light that Budo died and went to heaven, and there he saw Dee because earlier in the book, I assumed that Dee had died when she was at the hospital in the ICU.
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Sandy Seha-Luoma Imaginary friends go to heaven too.
Kriss Has anyone seen the Supernatural episode about imaginary friends, I think season 11? Sully was Sam's friend when he was younger. And when the child is ok and moves on, the imaginary friend moves on to the next child that needs them. They're beings called Zanna and they're real, just not visible to everyone. I thought, what if Zanna have different levels of maturity, some of them have to not remember anything else so they can focus on their current kids, and as they grow older and more experienced, they can serve their current child while still remembering past children who they've helped. And each time, they appear as the child needs them to appear, i.e. how the child imagined them, as Budo described. So maybe this was Budo's first go round, or maybe his 10th (Max needed a truly devoted and experienced/mature imaginary friend to make it back to his family), but during his time with Max, he is drawn to Dee and witnesses how her life ends. There's no rule that imaginary friends have to move linearly forward in time. So when Max doesn't need him anymore, he wakes up and is Dee's imaginary friend when she's a child, so she takes a different path and is not that in that gas station that night. Anyone want to bet that his next assignment is Sally? :) I hope so. When imaginary friends are young, they don't consciously remember past assignments, so they can be fresh and uncomplicated for their new people friends. Eventually, they remember - like Budo, remembering Dee, and what her future will be so he can help her avoid it. That's my theory.
Angie Carroll
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Itzel Panquesito Please share how do you and your daughter interpret it..
Hmm Welp this comment was left a while ago but oh well.

I kinda thought that... and this is a stretch but...

Budo had been reborn as Dee's child. Like, Dee got better at the hospital and had a baby and that baby is Budo.
Maybe Dee didn't actually give birth but something like that happened.
I mean, remember in the hospital when Oswald attacked him and Budo said that if he had a mom he would cry out for her but instead he cried out for Dee?
... there are a few (many) flaws in this theory but I like to think of Budo growing up with Dee and going to school and maybe even having Ms. Gosk for himself.
Carmen Since Dee wasn't "imaginary" my take on it is now Budo would become HER imaginary friend in "heaven"
Xander Kennedy
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Jo It's pretty crazy the way we all love Budo the "imaginary friend"! Yeah interpret it in the best possible way :)
Kaitlyn To be honest I didn't understand it at all
Fabiola V I have a crazy theory about Dee being the author. I think he put himself as a character and when he dies, he sees Dee because she/he is the one that has imagined him. He's no longer with Max because the author had killed him in Max's mind.
Frances Scott I interpreted it to mean that, indeed, imaginary friends have an afterlife, just as humans have an afterlife. I was also perplexed, though, and had to think through whether it was possible that Dee had been an imaginary friend all along, too, and maybe there is a special place for imaginary friends after their creator no longer needs them. But I rejected that interpretation as not plausible when I thought of Budo finding Dee in the I See You (ha ha) ICU. (I loved that I See You part).
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Hannah Devyor
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Greeny Can you write your scenarios, please? :)
I'm curious...
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