Eva asked:

How does Professor Binns check their homework? Can he pick it up?

Stephanie Ghosts can touch paper because paper is the ghost of trees.
Mariya Joseph He doesn't pick it up or anything he sort of some how flips the books and parchment to look at it or turns it without touching it
HaveSomeShawarma Peeves is able to stuff gum in keyholes, so Binns is able to read homework, right?
Laney HaveSomeShawarma is right, Peeves touches stuff and pulls rugs and writes with chalk, so Binns should be able to.
The Globglogabgulab The shwabbledabblewabblegabbleflibbablabbablab Dude....it's a book about magic...He magics it...
Samantha Iadanza Magic... he uses his wand
Mrs Clare N Baines I think he uses his magic to pick up the pen and do ticking and crossing
James Professor Binns, though a ghost, is still a wizard; so maybe he can - for a brief time ? - take solid form in order to inspect schoolwork.

Peeves, a poltergeist, can wear clothes, after all.
Kornelia Michalak Wydaje mi się że duchy mogą dotykać nieożywionych przedmiotów🤔
Aubs That's a good question. I agree with HaveSomeShawarma. That's confusing.
Emma I'm just guessing, but maybe the students set there homework in FRONT of him, so that he doesn't have to touch it.
Max I'm not sure, also how did you notice that?
Marina Ziegler Doesn't he just use a wand? I don't actually know, but I agree with HaveSomeShawarma!
Simon Godleski dose using the Leviosa spell count as picking it up????
Avni I know right how does he do that
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