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what is the age appropriateness of Wicked, the book?

Citrine Adult , there is quite a bit of open discussion of sex , puppets , a mother and daughter w the same man , adultery , drug use . . .
BiblioGlow Definitely adult. This book bears almost no resemblance to the musical. The book is dark and weird and very inappropriate for kids. There is a great deal of explicit, twisted content that is not explored in a way meant for kids or adolescents. It requires context and understanding that adult readers will bring. I definitely wouldn't advise anyone under 18 read it. I read it when I was in my mid 20s and I'm still traumatized.
Rachel Adult. I wouldn't let anyone under 18 read this.
Bridget I read this at age 13-14 or so. I went to public school, so nothing in here was particularly shocking. That said, it's definitely a book for adults. This isn't really appropriate for anyone younger than a teenager.
Veronica Juarez What? Really? Did you really find this book that explicit about sex and drugs? I really don't think so and I actually believe children are not that dumb about these topics, of course, as someone already said it depends on how mature kids are but I definitely do not put an age appropriateness to this book. If people feels doubt about it, the best you can do is reading it together with your kid.
Sheherazahde So there is a scene where a group of college students get drunk and go to a very strange brothel where one of the boys is tied to a talking Tiger and they both have sex with a woman tied to a chair.

What age do you think that is appropriate for?

Oh and in the beginning there is a scene in a puppet show where a puppet minister with two penises has sex with a puppet widow and daughter at the same time.

While this book mentions death, sex, and drugs, it doesn't romanticize any of those topics. Nor does it become overly focused or graphic on any of the more mature topics. I wouldn't purchase/recomment it for anyone under high-school (14-15), but it'd be appropriate for 12+ if the child showed the initial interest and reading capacity.
Tori Definitely 18+, very frank discussions/passages about sex, drugs, and a host of other "dark" subjects.
Lauren Farmer I read it when I was 12 and it quickly became my favorite book. :)
Alexandra That depends entirely on the individual, I would say around 15 average but as young as 12/13
Kimberly Tan Read this when I was 12 and I liked it so yeah 12 and above or the age when they learn to be patient bc the book is long.
Robert Downer Well, I just turned 17 and I read it last year. I already wanted to read it and had seen the Broadway production. I already knew, from others who read it, what I was about to read but I loved it. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to young people but let's face it, us young people know what the characters are doing and what they're involved in because we do ourselves. I loved it. I would recommend it to at least 14 and older.
Lee Dolan 18 and up only. (Of course I was sixteen when I read it, but I went to public school, so nothing about it was shocking to me.)
Roselyn Nekervis Adults need to be mature and look at it as fantasy.
Jacqueline Roman Loved it. Okay for high school (well, 16 yr olds, anyway).
A note: this is a BOOK. Not a PLAY/MUSICAL (which happens to be awesome, too).
Samantha Martin I'd say no younger than 15. Times have changed.
Cocoa I'd say from 13 and up, but it depends on the maturity of the person. I'm reading it now (age 17-18) but I wouldn't have had a problem with it at around age 13. It gets fairly explicit (there's a scene which describes pubic hair and 'expressive breasts' but no actual explicit descriptions of full sex.
McKenzie Like 14 and up. I shouldn't have read this at barely 12, even though I am mature. I think that my mom must not remembered the amount of sex in this, it's got a lot of open mentions of sex and adultery and a woman tells her 2 year old daughter, "Your father used to enjoy his midnight wrestlings, didn't he honey?" I was shocked and basically, I would make totally sure that you're kids are mature to read this.
Sara A great deal of the explicit material is described in a way that would probably go over the heads of anyone under the age of 16. That being said, I would say that readers should be 18+ to really be able to get the most of the book. A lot of the material conveys important themes that Maguire is trying to express, but can't be understood unless you're able to grasp the allusion. There is explicit depictions of sex, gender roles, drug use, some violence, and some pretty sever bullying of/by children.
Nina Foster It's for mature readers, but it's nothing your average 12 yr. old hasn't heard of.
I read it recently, and was baffled that some people thought it contained explicit sex when there hardly is any sex at all. What little there is is suggested rather than detailed.
It's not written for a young reader, but more because of the writing style and it's rather deep into politics. Also, the story itself is tragic. But so is Harry Potter.
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