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I love David Baldacci's books, but I'm 1/3 the way into The Escape and just can't seem to pick it back up when I put it down. Does it get better? Seems to get good reviews...Do I give up?

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Luke Keep reading it gets good.
Carmen Yes, it was the same for me, but keep reading, its worth it!
dave meyer Never put down a Baldacci book w/o finishing it. It's well worth it. However,people are correct when they recommend that you read the 1st 2 John Puller books.,wonderful character!!
Norman DATT One of the basic commandments of reading DAVID BALDACCI thrillers is: NEVER GIVE UP.
keep on reading.
John I read the first 50 and the last 70 pages... skipped paragraphs and pages for the mid section of this bloated book... and still didn't seem to have missed a thing.
Mark I'm facing the same dilemma. By the one third point, some sort of story should be resolving, or at the least, a red herring to nibble on. A string of mysterious events punctuated by a dead body or two is no substitute for a story. I had hopes for a techno-thriller when I bought this book but the tech references so far are preposterous. I may just bail out on this one...
Rebecca I feel that this is a really worthwhile book to keep reading. I'm thoroughly engrossed in it at about the 3/4 mark. My husband read it first and said he thought it was Baldacci's best. I have not read the other two, but do not feel it was necessary. I will read them after I finish this one, however.
Judy I sometimes feel the same way, but I don't think you will be regret finishing this. Some writings are very "tedious" to me as they go into way too much detail describing things and using initials to speak about them. Like weapons of mass destruction (WMD), which I knew already. But others I had to guess at, and at times had to write down so I could go back and for a quick reference. Also, another problem I have is when too many characters are introduced and I can't decide which will be important and which will be forgettable. But,I really enjoyed this book
Prp Give it up and do not waste hours of your life.
The book is well below the previous two. I read it, and I am very disappointed.
Roxanne Stanius hanson I made it through but struggled with it....Confusing for me at times and just didn't grab me like the first two in the John Puller series. The ending was good.
Bil Best Puller story yet. It's a little sticky in spots but worth the wading.
Vicki It ends up being a good story, but there's way too much description of the various government agencies involved in espionage and continual use of acronyms. Definitely NOT one of Baldacci's best but a pretty good read. I'm afraid he's going to fall into the same problem Tom Clancy had with adding all of the technical details (which shows he really did his research) that are quite boring to the average reader.
Joe A shame you decided to give up. This is an outstanding book and the 'mysteries' are wrapped neatly together in the end. I have never had a problem with his books because he does an excellent job of bringing closure to his stories.
Kristin Thanks everyone for answering my question. I decided to give up on the book. I've NEVER done that with a D Baldacci book but if picking it up isn't something that I look forward to, then it's the wrong book for me. Maybe another time.
Sally Sometimes it could be the mood we are in, or distractions that keep from being very focused so it is hard to get into a book. There are many details that are important in this book but I am having a good time reading it. I can't wait for the next chapter, and the next...
Jennifer Dean It really doesn't get better
Gloria Creech I'm listening to it rather than reading so maybe that's why it has my interest.
joanie shabala I am about 150 pages and am so confused I'm done...too too TOO many Initials
Arto Mutka Definitely finish reading it! Not too shelf Baldacci but still a really great page turner from him.lots of twists and turns as you would expect from Baldacci and some good action scenes as you would also expect from Baldacci.
Robert Give up. It gets worse.
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