Why dose this say angle experiment when it didn't have that part in the book?

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Thisperson4 Acute angles are my favorite!
Shannon Fay i know everyone says it's because they experiment on a character called Angel. But I also think it's a bit more than that. All of these characters in Max's group can be considered "angels" since they are people with wings. and they only exist because scientists experimented and made kids with wings (they weren't just born that way obviously).

So I think it's a bit of both
LilyCat (Agent of SHIELD)-- on hiatus :( I think it's because either Angel, the little girl, gets experimented on, or because the people at the School created flying kids in an experiment, and flying kids look kinda like angels.
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Panda Hi I am a 6 grader and i love this book. My favorite is Max because she dos't give up. They call it The Angle Experiment because the white coats are experimenting on Angel.
Kaycee Whitt I'm pretty sure that it stands for the idea that angels are thought to be human like creatures with wings and the flock are just a bunch of genetic altered children who have wings. Basically it's just a play on ideas of creature composition.
Layla Risse do you mean ANGEL experiment? Because as far as I know, it doesn't mention ANGLE experiment anywhere in or on the book.
•° Sour Bìtch °• Lol I like acute angles too.
Lihn Song I bet its because they all have wings kinda like angels
Ingrid It says angel experiment. One of the bird kids is named Angel, and she was kidnapped by the School so they could experiment on her.
Kalie It is Angel, not angle. You got that wrong, and I am in the middle of reading it but I think it is called that because the school is trying to make angels. When you imagine angels, most people think people with bird-like wings. That is my theory.
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