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I, personally, haven't read this yet, but reading the blurb gives me a vibe that this is like Divergent. Is that true? Is this book diverse enough to be it's own thing? If it is, I'll definitely give it a go!

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Alfi Muhamad Personally I think that this book is amazing. It was so clever and well done. Relationships with Divergent? Not really. It may have the moral of fear, but so does others. This book was as original as it can get and I don't know how else to say it. I gave this book 5 stars because I think it might've been one of the best books I've ever read. If you want to know more about my opinion, you can go to my comment of this book on my page.
Ellen O'Keefe Not like Divergent. Set in current times with teens looking for a way out of their dead-end town. More like "The Lottery."
Bettielee Nothing like divergent - not dystopian, it's contemporary. No sorting of people into groups, just the undercurrent of fear - but the fear is about our modern day life, not the fear of war or anything like that. Because of the whole "Hunger Games" thing, some people actually have it shelved as dystopian or sci fi and it's not. It's a contemporary.
Aimee Stephen The only similarity between the 2 is that they are both wonderfully written novels
Courtney Briee Reading the description, I thought it may be, like Divergent or the Hunger Games, too. However, this book is placed in modern times, rather than the future. It is a good read, the author is great! If you're looking for something similar to Divergent and The Hunger Games, Lauren Oliver wrote the Delirium series and I HIGHLY recommend!
Julia Hörmayer Not at all. I love Divergent, but hate this book and it is TOTALLY different.
Julie The only thing similar to Divergent is fear. Other than that, this is a completely different genre. It is about teens in present time that do some crazy stuff for money. I loved it very much, you should read it !
Jessica The fear factor is there completely. (drawn from the obvious title, Panic) But I don't think it's like Divergent at all. I only read the first book, (disliked it, sorry Divergent fans!) But I really liked Panic.
Caitlin It has to do with facing your fears- similar to Divergent. However, the premise of the book is totally different and the book conveys fear as totally different than how Veronica Roth portrayed it to be. It's an enjoyable book. Flew right through it. I personally like Divergent better, but you should pick up this book.
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