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I'm thinking about reading the second book in the series. But it's suggested that Grim is 40 which would make his elder brother, the Emperor 40+ and Kim is described as 'barely 20'. That's a major squick factor for me. Can anyone clarify?

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Πό πη It seemed weird to me too, especially since there is no mention of their age differences being normal or not based on their respective cultures. As rachel i thought maybe 40 is not as old as with humans, but wouldn't a 19 year old still be too young in tornian culture for a 40+ guy? I think in other alien romances there is a point in the book where the characters deal with this thing, they compare the ages someone is considered old enough and figure it out.
Also Oryon is of similar age as Wray and he has grown up sons, Isis thinks she is too old to have more children, at 18 the females have a joining ceremony... so far it seems similar to humans.
I guess to me the issue is, what is the point of making them this young?
Even Lisa started having kids too young on Earth... like "what's wrong woth a 30 year old woman"????
Rachel Think of it this way. They age really well. There isn't a lot into the series when it comes to "life-span description" between them and the humans, so their "40" could really mean 20 or 30ish. I have read a few scifi/fantasy/erotica books where the aliens live long due to their metabolism or something in the air on their planet or something like that. So, even though it isn't really mentioned, that's how I generally perceive the age difference/imagine them around the same age.
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