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I get the feeling, like a lot of others, that Evie, the bitch, will end up with Jack. I hate him so damn much!!! He's an asshole! He eve admitted that "they do better together when they don't talk". Death at least has a history with Evie, and has loved her multiple times. What do you guys think? Why do you hate Jack or love him?

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Eric Santiago
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Annalise Dominique Wrong question. Selena and Jackson the perfect couple, but that is wrong. Because Evie is imperfect and jack perfect so opposites attract, right? Aric, I mean, he is nice, I feel sympathy for him; but we are talking about love not compromise. Evie loves him too but she is thinking like me, she loves jack and that's it for her. Because she started loving him when he was not even in the scene. I know they share history, but that is not important and besides it was another empress not her. So stop blaming her for not her mistake. Agree with my answer?
Jermaine I don't hate Jack but he and Selena were better suited for one another than he an Evie. Death is just so dreamy and you feel such compassion for him because he never wanted this fate. He came from a loving home and had great parents. He is so well groomed and so refined. I mean Jackson has a lot of integrity but he drinks excessively has a real rage issue, I think he definitely loves Evie but it makes no sense that she would accept him as the one when he has lied repeatedly and is very secretive.
Ana I don't hate Jack, but I don't like him. Death is definitely way more mature, comprehensive, caring and he should definitely end up with Evie, it's highly improbable though :( :( :(
juan pinales I absolutely hate him. He is so annoying. It got me angry when she so easily forgave him for what he did!!!
Ivonne I agree Death is better suited with Evie. Jack seems like he is out for his own name and puts Evie second. With Death she knows where she stands and he is willing to accept Evie all of her. As for Jack he seems to only use her. Evie in this story doesnt seem like a strong leader and so wishy washy. I not a fan of the ending cliff hanger but I hope in there next story Evie will end up with Death and see Jack for what he truly is. She could not even say the three words to Jack but so easily said it to Death. They both have their flaws but it seems with Jack is constant and Trust seems to be a big issue for Evie but she seems to forget this. He easily left her and would/could not wait for her answer which make me think that she is secondary to him. With Fool's statement "nothing seems as it should" it makes me wonder what is next.
Rabin Shae I honestly don't like Jack anymore but I think him and selena would be a perfect couple. And although death is a good match for Evie, I don't think Evie should be with him either because she cannot make a good decision when her circumstances are so chaotic. She is sort of being tossed between the two and neither of them are being innocent here. Moreover, it is a game which she has no way out of and she has to make decisions based on who she has better chance with for living the yeah, I think she should make a decision when everything is not so muddled up..just my opinion..
Faith I think that Evie should go with Death. Jack should be by himself for the moment, and not with Evie because that will cause more tension between Death and Jack.
Momo Krazii i don't think Jack is suppose to die, Evie is in love with jack, he though he was an asshole at the beginning of the book, he turn around to a really a good guy. The reason for the this is because when death (Aric) kidnapped Evie and she returned, Jack said that she said stay with Death because of their past and also because he is better able to understand her....... He gave up is love just for her safety
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