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Hands down one of the best books I have ever read. It was heartbreaking, eye-opening, moving, and inspiring. I am still curious what happened in Cookie's past. Do the readers ever find out, did I miss it?

Gene Hilgreen I will never say that I am too tired, or that I cannot do or take it anymore. My new hero is Regina Calcaterra, a proud Long Islander, who rises to the top despite every misgiving that could be thrown at a child. Despite what the authorities told her—she survived—finished high school, went to college while working several jobs, and became a lawyer. I’m standing and clapping right now.
Etched in Sand is an eye-opening account of Regina and her four siblings—all with different fathers—life struggles through the foster care and child protective system. This isn’t TV where everything is honky-dory. This story brings to light—a foster care system that is broken and full of holes. This is real life and how the lowest form of human beings abuses the system.
Regina lived in the shadows of a heinous, abusive, (add any horrible word you can think of here), and neglectful mother while fending for them self. Dumpster diving for food and clothes; sleeping five across the back seat of a car, or in the trunk when they could. Despite living through the most horrible conditions, anyone could put to words—Regina, with some help from her two older siblings manages to raise and keep her family together.
When Regina’s mother is not out on her month-on-end drinking and sex binges—she is beating and humiliating Regina to the brink of death. Why you ask? Because the dirt bag of a man who fathered Regina—no names here, you have to read it for yourself—left before Regina was even born. Regina eventually proves who her father was, but she had to live with her mother’s wrath every day since he left.
Yes, Regina is my new hero and the foster care and child protective services system will be a better place because of her. I’m not ready to switch political parties just yet, but oh hell, why not—Regina Calcaterra for President.
Deb Actually, no. Cookie's brother is a monster as well, and I think it's probably the case that both of them were abused by their own father but that Calcaterra is unable to reveal what happened for legal reasons.
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Natalie Collins Who the hell cares what happened in cookies past? She was a monster I hope she died a painful,death after what she did to her own flesh and blood it’s unspeakable she does not deserve any ones curiosity !
Cynthia Mello
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