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Does this book really live up to the hype?

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Kim I can't speak to the hype, but I can speak to the quality of the book. This is a very, very good YA fantasy. Superb world-building without info-dumping. Well-rounded characters and a romance that allows for the hero and heroine to actually get to know one another. Clean, spare writing that at times, especially toward the end, rises to lyrical beauty. Intelligent---I can't emphasize that enough---intelligent plotting and strategy (an essential but often sadly underdeveloped element of any book involving politics). Interesting, thought-provoking nuances of slavery, empires, war, and freedom. And an end that allows for the complexity of the book's cultures and characters and, while setting up for a sequel, also works well as the finish to a standalone volume. Of course, the above may not be your sort of book, but I hope this answer has at least offered a little insight into what kind of book it is.
Rhea Michelle Caballero definitely... no doubt about it
Renz I absolutely loved this book, but I think the only flaw was the hype. For most people, it wasn't what they were expecting, and they found it rather slow-paced.
I don't know, but for me, it was beautifully written, the main character was smart and intellgent and wasn't annoying, the romance wasn't insta-love, and there are more "action" in the second half of the book. The first half was mostly building up the characters, the world-building, etc.
Hannah Evans yes, read it, just ignore the corny covers, its better than that :)
Libby Surprisingly, it did. Sometimes hype makes me not want to read the books since I've been "burned" too many times by hyped up books. So I went into this book with a mindset that I might not even finish it. But, if you are like me and like historical fantasy, a slow-burning romance, and a bit of adventure, then you may get sucked into the book and enjoy the ride like I did. Give it a chance for sure.
Gabrielle Garcia Yes! This is one of my favorite series. From character development to story line, it is incredible. Marie builds the story effortlessly and there are no plot holes or questions you're left wandering with unless intended. There is action, romance (but realistic and slow), complex characters/relationships, a touch of mystery, and it really makes you think and get emotionally attached.
Amber It depends on the genre you are interested in. I don't read fantasy or romance (though I personally would not classify this book as fantasy), but I picked this one up to give it a shot, and I liked it! Its not my favorite book or author out there, but its worth the read.

Its an easy book to read, so if your in a slump or something and looking for a book you can finish in just a couple sittings than this one is good for that.
Jenna I personally am not one to read a book if theres a lot of hype about it. But this book was pretty dang good.
I 'm going to be as honest and real as I can about this so its not misleading to you if you do decide to read it. But it's really faced paced, there is a romance that is talked about in the synopsis but its not the normal YA insta-love, theres definitely a relationship that gets built between the two characters.
Also note that it is a "fantasy" novel but its still pretty relatable to regular humans as in it mostly deals with slavery just in another world. Some cons are that I felt the story was a biiiiit underdeveloped, when events happens I felt there could have a been a bit of a better explantation but honestly the story is so fast paced and interesting that you barely even notice it.
Definitely 4 out of 5 stars for me.
I hope you decide to read it!:)
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