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can anybody tell me if they enjoyed this book?

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Angel 'ine A pleasant Surprise! This book had a slower start than what i was used to but the story built up , took pace and blossomed into a beautiful finale. I have read many books with parallel/multiple story-lines but this one stood out in the sense that it was COMPLETE. Yup... no loose ends there to leave you wondering "what the heck happened or am i suppose to rely on my imagination?" Loved how the book leaves you with a sense absolute completion. All questions answered, all that you wondered about through the entire read will be revealed. Not exaggerated or over-hyped but a simple reality based story line. Very believable indeed.

In all an enjoyable read that leaves you with a lingering sweet after taste.
Linda Gaines One of the best novels I've read in a long time.
Linda Challenging to read, mostly because of the constant shifting of time with the chapters, but, in the end, rewarding. Glad I read it.
Cheri We did this book for book club and had a wonderful discussion. It was fun, had some twists and turns, funny and even included Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton- what's not to love? A good book of love and redemption.
Patricia Walter I did enjoy this book - I read it on my nook, but if I had the book, I would have looked back to the dates on each chapter, as the story was a roller-coaster. It all came together in the end and I enjoyed reading the author's answers to questions about his book.
Louise Dean Yes. Entertaining and engaging.
Zep I thought it was quite good, a bit funny.. quite melancholy.
Kathleenh Very much so. It's worth the read. It's not an epic novel or anything like that but a nice book to go along with a cup of tea in front of the fireplace.
Lidia Very much so! I kept putting off reading it and then devoured it in no time at all.
Eliska Nope... the story gets really dull sometimes.
Ann Eller I read it once a year.

I have a tattoo "Beautiful Ruins" on my wrist

My neighbor says, wow it must be a great book if it tattoo worthy.

Needless to say, it is on the top of my best book list.
Melisa I enjoyed it. I thought the beautiful ruins would be the hill towns in Italy's Cinque Terre, but it was really the people in the story.
Steph I loved it! The story is very character driven and it is written so beautifully. I couldn't put it down. The final chapter alone makes reading it worthwhile.
Kaitlin I thought the book was good. Looking back on the story i like it now more than i liked it while reading it because it was pretty slow paced and very "back and forth" between times and characters and such, but looking at the big picture of the book, it was different and definitely worth the read!
Mona Read it last summer (2015) while traveling through Italy and loved it.
Joselle I really enjoyed this book, I actually shed a tear while finishing this book.
Shari Im reading it now and I am really enjoying it
Patrick Hanlon I saw it on bookshelves regularly and avoided it because of the cover. After Financial Lives of the Poets I went for it and was addicted. A compulsive read with regular ahhhs of recognition at JW's craft and the characters he created.
Judy I really never connected with this book. It seemed disjointed. I really didn't enjoy it. In fact I barely skimmed a lot of it. It was a book club choice.
J.B. Siewers The best read of the year , and it's December :)
Susan I did so much. As some others mentioned, the author did skip around with perspectives & time frames, & the whole story comes out bit by bit. There are a lot of characters to keep track of. I typically read a chapter per night of any book I'm reading, before sleep. In this case, I would refresh my memory by reading a few paragraphs back in the chapter before, as each one is a different time, with a different character as protagonist. But that's OK. I loved it, especially the ending as everything wraps up. Walter has such a personal way of expressing feelings & emotions- that's why I love his books.
Marlene The dialogue in this novel was so full of four letter words it was painful to read. An author who uses that much FOUL language must have no vocabulary and no talent. He is only writing for shock appeal. DISGUSTING!
Susan I did enjoy this book but its beauty lies in the canvas rather than the content. That is, somehow when the page turns taking us to Italy in the 60's we are there. When the page turns taking us to Hollywood's backroom negotiation rooms or the starving assistant's apartment, we are there. Walter is masterful in creating the soul and simplicity of Porto Vergogna and the rough edges of Hollywood. Make sense?
Senem Nope ... shifting of time, shifting of the names... afterwhile i felt confusing. i don't like to leave a book without finish it. But this one really challenging. It seems like a simple novel but not easy to fallow. Apart from shifting of time, there is a problem of language.while i read it I 've finished 5 science books this one still wait for me.
Theresa My library has this as the book club read. I didn't enjoy it.
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