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Erin Melvin asked:

King lost me 3/4's of the way through this book, but I would like to know the ending. Could someone please describe how this book ends? Thanks.

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Cheli I think you should have to suffer like the rest of us.
Matt K. It says in the summary it is one of the terrifying conclusions you've ever wasnt kidding. I read right about where you are to the end and didn't want to put it down for one second. It's incredible. You won't regret it. What I think is that King didn't really put too many crazy scenes in most of the story cause he wanted it all for the end.
Matt Maybe there's a cliff's notes version. All I can say is you're missing out on one of the all time best King endings in my opinion. JUST READ IT, unless you're prone to nightmares, seizures, PTSD, ect -- in which case you shouldn't be reading King anyway, exception for maybe his kinder gentler 'Shawshanks'. But This ain't no Shawshank and there's certainly no redemption.
Ville Kokko I'll try a half-spoiler answer for anyone reading this who half wants to know.

Vague spoilers below -

The Reverend's true obsession is to conquer death by piercing the veil to the other side with science, and he wants Jamie to help him with the final experiment. The idea is to bring back a recently dead person so that she can tell what she saw. But instead, something else comes back into her body - and the veil is truly pierced and Jamie gets to see what's on the other side for himself.
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Judas Machina It was a boring remix of under the Dome.
Cosmic ants herding the souls of humanity into an endless torture and life is meaningless.
A dull Lovecraftian horror.
amy It does get sloggy right about where you indicated but its worth it to continue reading to the end. I found this book to be very haunting and creepy.
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Deborah Good I had a hard time reading it too-took me two years and finally yesterday I got to the end. I am still shivering. CREEPY
Steve K What a strange question. It's like asking someone to do your homework. And why would care if you weren't interested enough to finish the book?
Petter I loved the ending, and first thought it very surprising, but then I remembered the quote at the VERY beginning :D Loved the whole book!
Greg Foster
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