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I struggled with not liking or making a personal connections with any of the characters in the story. Usually there is at least one character whom you can relate to and want his story to go in a certain way. With the Vacations I never felt that connection with any of the characters. They were too remote, too whinny....did anyone else have a similar experience?

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Jean Yes, yes, yes! What an empty book. One of those I finished, set down, and was sad for the waste of time spent reading it.
Alison Waldmann I totally agree. I struggled to finish this book and didn't enjoy it at all. I really disliked the characters. They were ALL so cold, rude, shallow, selfish, judgmental and one-dimensional, save for the gay couple who were really the only some-what likable characters in the book. It was sad that Carmen couldn't have been given more depth. I felt like I was reading a lame story about a bunch of jerks. The author's way with words was excellent however.
Deborah Yes. I really didn't care for the Post family, especially the son. Can't remember his name now. LOL. D-Bag.
I did actually like Carmen and was happy that she dumped his sorry butt in the end.
No wonder Joan was anxious to get his tutoring money and run!
Kristina I'm about half-way thru this book now and I pretty much detest it. The writing is okay, but I don't care for any of the characters. I don't relate to them, I don't find them interesting and I REALLY dislike Franny. I find them somewhat shallow (the wife spending 400 euros on an hour of tennis lessons and then acting like an idiotic star-struck teenager meeting her favorite celebrity) and yes, whiny. Ironically, the cheating husband is the only character I somewhat have sympathy/interest in. His wife is so awful. And yes, the characters are very remote, which is why I have such a problem connecting with them. All that said, there are some funny parts.
Angie That's the whole reason I didn't like this book. No one was likable. The characters were just sort of...there.
ND i agree. I did finish it, but I sort of wish I had abandoned the book. I didn't get much out of it.
Donna Prather They were all self-serving and shallow. The book made me crave a vacation to Mallorca, but not with the characters in this book!!
Ursula LeCoeur Wow. I thought I was too harsh in my review. But yes. I agree with every single comment on this thread. It's simply a superficial book--from the characters to the plot and beyond. Despite what book snobs may think, summer bestsellers are NOT typically superficial in this way.
I had trouble finishing it, too, and while I wouldn't say I WASTED my time, the main thing I took from it was the realization that this writer is NOT one to watch.
Sue Kozlowski Yes, me too. I just didn't really care or like any of the characters.
Kimberly Hallahan I gave up on it before they even arrived in Mallorca. I dislike the way the point of view shifts, seemingly randomly, from one character to another.
Patsy Luey I loved this book. Reading it was like taking a mini-holiday. Anytime that I put it down, I couldn't wait to get back to it. Loved the characters, loved the story! Will read it again for sure.
Donna Jones Yes, I didn't feel that they didn't act in a way that seemed true to who how that character would behave and none of the characters came alive for me. I agree that she has a good way with words and drew some nice word pictures. In the end, like others, I felt reading it had been a waste of time.
Lisa Yes. I hated this book. Rich, spoiled, judgmental family. I was hoping they would drown in the sea or die in a plane crash on the trip home.
Wilhemina I am almost done with this book and yeah I pretty much agree with what everyone has said, probably won't rush to read another by this author.
S.M. Agreed with any and all comments made. Just finished and I could just beat myself for spending two days on characters that were so uninspiring. Never in my reading could I not connect with at least one character in a story. Glad I'm not the only one...
Megan Yep, I can see where you're coming from. It was a struggle getting through this book at first.
Astrid Lim Agree!! I tried to connect with them but I just can't. Maybe Carmen (despite her flaws) is the only one that I can sympathized with :p It's a pity since the setting is great!
Liz The members of the Post family were all the worst people - one more dull, ungrateful and immature than the next. Totally selfish, spoiled, delusional and ungrateful (I will say that again, you are on a two week vacation in paradise at a mansion and all bitter about it the whole time-I would kill for that trip with my family). Bad things (kind of) happened to them leading up to the trip but I wish even worse things happened to them since they were so terrible. I mean the author couldn't have possibly wanted us to like these people, right?
Bethany Wilk I liked Lawrence, but yeah...I wasn't invested in anyone or their stories. I don't want to be mean, but I kept thinking they were a poor man's Glass family.
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