Kamily Cabrera

the book is a good.first of all i love that he used pictures because if you are like me reading gets really boring.also i live how he made teorys of these pictures.and i like how he made the book.also if the book wasn't good it wouldn't be a good seller.also i am really excited for his other books!and i wonder if the people still live there?

Rosa Sorry but you lost me at "reading gets really boring".
Danielle Calhoun Which people? This wasn't really a well thought-out question.
Artemis “I liked the pictures because reading gets boring “. Why are you reading a book if you think reading is boring? I can’t understand how anyone can say they like the book and then proceed to admit to only being engaged by the story because it had pictures. Read the book for the story not the pictures or else you’re not truly reading it, you’re just admiring pictures. The people don’t still live there because they’re fictional, this is not a real story. Unless you mean whether the characters continue living there , which you would now if you weren’t so busy looking at pictures.

Also below is the grammatically correct version of your question:

The book is good. First of all, I love that he used pictures because if you are like me reading gets really boring. Also, I loved how he made ( insert incomprehensible word) as well as the book. I am excited for his other books and I wonder if the people still live there.
Haven If you are asking about the people in the book, you should be aware that all the characters are made up. If by 'live there' you mean the island where the children's home resides, that is also made up. Sorry if you thought it was all real... but no.
Sherri i don't think that they were alive in the first place because its fansty
Ariadne Johnson huh? I don't get it
Image for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
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