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Anne Tyler has said this will be her last book, did this statement cause anyone to read the book very slowly? I ask because with all of her books my habit is, when I realise I am in the last couple of chapters, to slow down the pace I am reading at.

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Danielle Plafsky I just read an article on the Wall Street Journal's website, where Anne says she is not retiring, which is great news!

Karen Oh, please no! That would be awful - I love her books. Seems like it was a misunderstanding though if you read the article linked in another comment below. I am half way through Blue Thread and loving every word of it. I just love her quiet quirkiness. She DOES know people.
Ruth Williams I did read it slower because it may be her last. That said, I believe Anne Tyler said she never meant to finish this novel, she did not say it was her last book.
Susan No, I can't read Anne Tyler slowly.
Samantha Hoffman Why would she say that? Is it like Cher's numerous farewell tours? Well, no matter...I'll read however many "last" books Anne Tyler writes. (And I'll see Cher every time she does a farewell tour.)
Mary I just found out that Ms. Tyler had this new book out. Yes- I do the same Tova- read them slowly to make them last. She is such a wonderful writer and her characters truly come alive for me. I never want her books to end. I really hope that this won't be her last. If so, I suppose I will start them all over again, as I read most of them many years ago and probably won't remember them in detail. Really looking forward to 'Blue Thread'!
Jason Pomerance I read everything Anne writes more than one time, so I didn't read it more slowly. I'm still working my way through a second reading of A Spool of Blue Thread and liking it even more the second time around.
Sue Frances I haven't read the book yet, but I hate the thought there will be no more of Annes books. I read her books over and over. And yes I do slow down.
Della Scott At the risk of sounding cynical or irreverent, didn't the Rolling Stones say they would retire, say 30 years ago or something? That being said, A Spool of Blue Thread is definitely in my top 3 of Anne Tyler favorites. Very satisfying.
Nina Don't fear because, Clock Dance by Anne Tyler will be released July of 2018.
Andy Oh my gosh, I do that with her books, too. I love that you asked that. And if I'd known about the possibility, I definitely would have cherished it on a whole other level.
Wendy Orr I'm glad I came in on this discussion late, so I only had a second to worry about Anne Tyler retiring! She is so insightful, humorous and wise – and I love her characters (even the ones who irritate me because they're so true.)
Say I read this as it was nominated for the Booker prize. I was pleased to finish it and wasn't inspired to try more of her books. Although I could identify some positives in it.
Nancy Sullivan On every trip to the library, I go to the Anne Tyler section to see if I can find one of her books I haven't read. I don't think anyone does characters like she does, with such ease and such depth. I don't like all of them, but I know them. She takes us into lives we wouldn't ever know, and into the minds of people and why and when they think the way they do. I'm a writer, too, and I admire her incredible talent. You go, Anne, and don't stop.
Anne Goodness, that gave me a start!!! Thank heavens it's all cleared up now....sort of....kind of!
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