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What is the summary of its act4?

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Adnan ACT 1V:
Scene 1: Maureen and Mke are sitting with Ben.
Maureen and Mike start a conversation about Kim having some kind of relationship with Danny. They thought that Kim loved danny but Mike said that it wasn't their age. Kim enters and says that Mike also went out with Maureen. Muareen and Mike wanted to save Danny from Kershaws Farm for their sister ( Kim ) but Kim refused. Suddenly Branwell enters and he brings Danny and Craig along as well but they are severly injured. Kim feels very bad for Danny and is sure the soldiers did that to him. Mrs Troy says that Danny saved their lives, when they went to see a Well ( a place where water is found ). The well was surrounded by Goths. Danny then Introduces branwell. He was the one who gave shelter to Ben and Danny when the shop was being raided. He also introduced Rhodes and said he loved to kill. Everyone leaves so that Kim and Danny could get some free space. Kim asks about the situation in the farm and Danny told her how he was about to die and he was chill with that. Danny said that he was happy he was going to die because he would see his parents again and would see Kim again. Kim tries to ask Danny out but both of them cant and they get in a fight about being crabby. In the end they start to blame each other.
Scene 2: Kershaws Farm. Ill people are working on the field, Sergeant Grifiths is looking after them. A worker Mrs Norton collapses and her husband and 2 Children help her up.
After Mrs Norton collapses, Mr Norton goes to Griffiths. But Griffith does not let him take her to a Doctor and he has to wait till sun rise. Dumperton tells Griffith to let them go but he doesnt. Dumperton was asked about his wife and he says that his girlfriend left him. Grifiths was also asked about his marriage and he was about to tell him when Mrs Norton colapses and eventually dies. Mr Norton wants them to take her to the doctor but their kids also gave up. Mr Norton blames the death on Griffiths.
Scene 3: Kershaws Farm. Renton is talking to Maureen and Mike.
Mike and Maureen are asked where they had lived and they said they moved from places to places but they also said that they were sick of it. Renton invites them to the farm, only on 1 condition, they would have to work for their food ( which meant they had to work on the farm ). Renton warned them that it usually gets cold at the farm. The thing Mike and Maureen are shocked about that they were trying to grow crops. Renton tell them about Councillor Finch, who was the leader of the farm and he was very healthy, and he tells them about Walker, who is the second in command. He tells them that she loves to get rid of people.
Act 4 complete summary
Arham Mike and Maureen are discussing how to rescue Danny. Kim comes in angrily and says you shouldn’t go. Kim and Maureen start to argue. Mike tells Kim that they are going so they are going do not try to stop us. Ben comes in and says Danny is here. Branwell brings a very beaten up Danny inside. Mrs. Troy brings Craig in. Ben is very happy to see Danny and Craig. Mrs. Troy tells that the Goths did this. Branwell asks Danny questions about the farm. They all leave Danny and Kim alone. Danny and Kim express their feeling to each other.
Scene 2
People are working at Kershaw’s Farm. Mrs. Norton is not feeling well but the CDT do not give medical help and Mrs. Norton die.
Scene 3
Mike and Maureen are at the farm and they are talking to Renton. They are asking about the facilities they will get at the farm.
Scene 4
The MASADA are planning about the siege. Danny tells all he knows about the farm. They think the CDT are Purples (Cannibals).
Scene 5
The Siege. The Farm workers are working at the farm when Maureen requests Dumperton for a sing-song. He refuses but the workers start to sing and they crowd round Laycock and overwhelm him. The fighting takes place. CDT has been taken over by MASADA. Kim and Danny are being captured by Stroud. Booth comes in and says Stroud to go meet in Operation Room. Booth shoots Danny. Danny fells to the ground. Kim attacks Booth. Danny stands up and then shakes hand with booth Danny tells Kim that he helped him escape last time. Rhodes shoots Booth.
Scene 6
Rhodes is asking everything from CDT about what they have and what they did before the Siege.
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